Job Description:

    I. Provide general care, attention and assistance to children at Child Learning Center by washing, diapering, dressing and feeding infants and toddlers.

    2. Teach young children proper disciplined behavior, such as caring for own clothing and picking up toys and books.

    3. Participate in planning the preparation of activities for the specific age groups of children.

    4. Sanitize toys and play equipment.

    5. Observe and monitor children's play activities.

    6. Keep records on individual children, including daily observation and information about activities, meals served and medications administered.

    7. Instruct young children on health and personal habits, such as eating, resting and toilet habits.

    8. Assist Teachers in organizing recreational activities, such as games.

    9. Perform housekeeping duties which include but are not limited to snack preparation and cleanup. Preparation of the activities and cleanup, cleanup of work areas, maintenance of toys and equipment, changing of bed linens, and other related duties.

    10. Perform other job related duties as required.
    Gayatri Desai
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