Libra Techcon Limited (LTL) is a mid sized Engineering company based out of Mumbai with offices in the Middle East and Europe. We offer Engineering services to clients worldwide and are looking for suitable candidates to partner with us while we grow

    Brief Project Description:-
    - Speciality Chemical Plant
    - Process Plant bas about 35-40 equipment inclusive of oxidation reactor, absorption column. Size is about 25 m x 20 m footprint.
    - OBL equipments are Urea granule storage & transfer system 40-50 TPD
    - Storage tanks, cooling tower, electrical PCC-MCC etc.
    Job Description:-
    a) He will be responsible for the implementation of construction, quality, cost & schedule site activity of the project while strictly enforcing local statutory, environment and safety norms under the overall direction of the companys project in charge.

    b) He will report to the project in charge of the company. He will be assisted by Civil-Structural Engineer, Mechanical Piping Engineer, Electrical Instrumentation Engineer respectively as per appropriate construction stage and requirement.

    c) The said project is being implemented within the companys existing manufacturing facility spread over approx. 5 acres of land where the facilities for flammable solvent storage, production plant, utilities and infrastructure are already located.

    d) Selected candidate shall co-ordinate between the client, the basic technology provider, the detailed designing agency and the contractor along with ancillary agencies so as to ensure co-ordination of flow of material, equipment, manpower and resources as per requirement of work schedule. He shall be responsible for day to day activity reporting to the clients project in charge on a daily basis as per the requirement of the client. 

    e) He will be responsible for implementing the statutory, safety and environment norms during the construction and commissioning stage.

    f) Candidate shall also prepare the monthly progress report for any deviations, loss time incidents, near misses, schedule and cost deviations. The candidate shall also be responsible to maintain the receipts, storage & usage of all material brought to the site for project purpose (arrangement for storage of the material shall be done by the client).

    g) The candidate shall have to ensure that the work permits for the appropriate categories for the planned work/activities are released on a continual daily basis.

    h) He shall be responsible for continual improvement in the performance of the project which includes quality and cost schedule & safety and environment.

    i) He shall be responsible for the administration of the project specific site personnel.

    j) Selected candidate shall have sufficient background and experience of translating multi discipline engineering designs into installed projects as well as having experience in dealing with construction manpower especially in GCC locations.

    k) He should have on hand experience of practical problem solving for typically mid-sized chemical projects.

    l) To and fro air transport to the GCC country, accommodation, local transport and lunch at site shall be provided by the company.

    m) Expected duration of the assignment is about 10 months and expected to start in the 3rd quarter or beginning of 4th quarter of 2017 till end of second quarter of 2018. At any given time it is expected that between one to six/seven discipline engineers shall be reporting to the selected candidate.

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