Rigging supervisors shall
    Be at least 35 years of age
    Be educated to a minimum secondary level ( Certificate copy required)
    A minimum of 10 years rigging experience in the oil and gas industry, with at least three years supervisory experience
    Evidence of Experience + valid third party certification holder. (Qatar experienced- Qatar Petroleum approved person is preferred.)
    Have had adequate training and experience and be competent to act as an appointed person or focal point nominated by management to be in overall control of the lifting operations.
    Be capable of reading, speaking, writing and understanding the English language.
    Have strong administrative and supervisory skills to schedule, monitor and control the lifting equipment personnel and lifting operations.

    Salary: Qrs. 3,000/- - 5,000/- FIXED
    Job Location - Qatar
    Industry - Oil & Gas

    Recruiter Name: Ms. Neeta 
    Email Address: seagull26@seagullindia.net

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