The Company is developing a latest generation modular, lightweight, intelligent and cost effective Medical/Surgical Robotic System. The company is engaged in the field of development of medical technologies that would offer patients the most advanced minimally invasive surgical appropriate in a cost effective way by utilizing robotic assistance. The company is in the late stage of R&D and has core team of engineers and world renowned Robotic Experts guiding the development.
  • Development of Multi-Threaded modular robotic software framework
  • Software Framework for 4 Robotic arms integration with the motion planner
  • Development of customer-facing surgical planning software, including user requirement collection, design, development, testing and iterations
  • Development of required algorithms on the basis of feed backs from all the sensors in the robotic system

  • Creating and maintaining the architecture of the software system
  • Integration and performance optimization of the software system
  • Developing the software development process of the team
  • Development of medical image analysis algorithms
  • Developing components of the overall software system
  • Experience with medical image software infrastructure, I/O, manipulation, and visualization
  • Strong knowledge of Forward and Reverse kinematics, Jacobian Matrix, Active and Passive Compliance
  • Deep understanding of Algorithms needed for Trajectory Planning for the Robotic Arm
  • Extensive experience with DOF Robotic Arm Calculations for path planning
  • Proficient with C++ and supporting software tools

  • Extensive experience with building 3D virtual environment using OpenGL and other rendering tools
  • Experience with medical image software infrastructure, I/O, manipulation, and visualization
  • Extensive experience with OOP design, data structures, design patterns, and advanced algorithms
  • Strong knowledge of standards required for development of medical software framework
  • Extensive experience with CANopen, TCP/IP, RS 232,EtherCat and various other communication protocols
  • Good experience of handing and leading the software team for various robotic projects
  • Ability to quickly develop a prototype while thinking about future capabilities and modularity of developed software components

8+ years experience


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