we are in need of a professional male English teacher for 2 years in which his actual profession is teaching and particularly for the English language. He must have a degree diploma in teaching and minimum 5 years of work experience in the field of teaching and preferable who had past experience teaching the English language for a group of foreigners who have minimum English knowledge or even a zero knowledge in the English language.

    His primary duty and responsibility is to educate and teach our Turkish construction foremen or other group of people who are not able to speak and understand the English language. The teacher shall concentrate and preferably teach the most common words to be used in the construction activities in which they can use and communicate to different foreign workers in the jobsite. The expected output of the teaching method is that, the participants should have learned to at least converse in the English language using the most common words to use along their line of job. And working time will be rendered after the working time of our supposed participants since they are busy in their assigned tasks during the daytime or at any designated time of availability of the participants.

    His EMPLOYMENT CONTRACT SHALL ONLY BE TWO YEARS due to the fact that we assumed that participants are expected to have learned the typical English language after this period. However, the contract can be renewed for another year depending in the requirement of his expertise or he can be absorbed to a different type of job which is not far related from his education credentials.
    Email Address: prakasji@protech.co.in

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