Education-degree level qualifications in Business Management or related fields.

    Duties and Responsibilities :

    Manage staff, preparing work schedules and assigning specific duties.
    Plan, direct, or coordinate the operations of companies. 
    Responsible for all administrative functions, including operations, management, process improvement, identifying various compliance issues and strategic planning and development.
    Ability to set priorities, meet deadlines, initiate and follow-up actions.
    Formulating policies, managing daily operations, and planning the use of materials and human resources, 
    Establish and implement departmental policies, goals, objectives, and procedures, conferring with board members, organization officials, and staff members as necessary.

    Determine staffing requirements, and interview, hire and train new employees, or oversee those personnel processes.
    Monitor businesses and agencies to ensure that they efficiently and effectively provide needed services while staying within budgetary limits.
    Oversee activities directly related to providing services.
    Direct and coordinate organization's financial and budget activities to fund operations, maximize investments, and increase efficiency.
    2+ years experience
    Recruiter Name:Ankit

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