Company name: BELO Restaurant

    Salary: Open


    Chef should be professional in international cuisine (Continental, Indian, Chinese, Arabia, Etc) and not just only Indian executive chef.
    Minimum experience at least 10 to 15 years and the five star hotels or properties, or chained of restaurant group of company.
    the first and the most important thing that an executive chef does is plan the menu for the guests. this menu will include a number of delicious recipes which can become a favourite for many gusts. he needs to make these recipes himself and confirm if the procedures are right and affordable. then he needs to train the employees to become proficient as well as efficient in them.
    store and purchase , with the menu and budget fixed the executive chef has to monitor all the food coming in along with its quality and perish ability.
    he also needs to supervise every food item that has been purchased by the employee making sure that the best deal is made in the pricing.

      Job tittle: Finance Manager

      Salary: open

      Basic Function:finance manager engages in financial analysis in such areas as forecasting, budgeting, engaging in cost reduction analysis, and reviewing operational performance. The position is considered to be more senior than the financial analyst position.

      Forecast cash flow positions, related borrowing needs, and available funds for investment
      Ensure that sufficient funds are available to meet ongoing operational and capital investment requirements
      Use hedging to mitigate financial risks related to the interest rates on the company's borrowings, as well as on its foreign exchange positions
      Financial Analysis

      Engage in ongoing cost reduction analyses in all areas of the company
      Review the performance of competitors and report on key issues to management
      Engage in benchmarking studies to establish areas of potential operational improvement
      Interpret the company's financial results to management and recommend improvement activities
      Review company bottlenecks and recommend changes to improve the overall level of company throughput
      Participate in target costing activities to create products that meeting predetermined price goals
      10+ years experience

      Interview is on Monday 31 july 2017, mumbai colaba.

    if interested kindly drop CV and contact us on numbers given below.
    Recruiter Name:Ms.Ishrat Shaikh

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