Sun Pharma an international,specialty pharmaceutical company headquartered in India with a global manufacturing network across 25 countries. We manufacture and market a large basket of pharmaceutical formulations as branded generics & generics in India, US and across the world. Our leadership is approachable, encourages transparency & strong work ethics to ensure that people get the best opportunities to learn and grow. We encourage our employees to challenge themselves for highest level of performance through greater bandwidth of work responsibilities and growth opportunities. Apply to us if you wish to be part of Sun Pharma growth story.

Designation : Senior Executive / Manager

Experience : 4 - 8 Years

Qualification : C.S. (Company Secretaryship & LLB )

Base Location : Dubai

1. The role is responsible for ensuring that the company complies with legal and secretarial practices and maintains standards of corporate governance.

2. The role is also responsible to provide secretarial support and guidance to the organisation. Managing a all legal, secretarial, statutory, obligations that arise for the same.

3. Organize the meetings of Board, Shareholders, maintenance of Statutory Records like shareholder register shareholders accounts, ledger folio, Register files/ Share certificate records etc. and maintain minutes of various meetings of Board/Sub-committees.

4. Ensure compliance with relevant statutory and regulatory requirements.

5. Prepare/review minutes of Directors and Shareholders meetings and Directors and Shareholders resolutions for specific transactions.

6. Drafting, vetting of Contracts / POAs / MOUs/ Consortium Agreements / NDA / lease Agreements.

7. Review, opine and suggest on legal and liability related aspects of large value contracts and participate in Company's Project Risk Management, Committee Meetings and present Contract Legal Review Memo.

8.Study and implementation of Groups global policies / rules such as Embargo and Ethics Guidelines / Legal Guidelines

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