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Scope of Responsibilities
Coordinate material movements in accordance to national /international regulations pertaining at the time of shipment. Provide support in determining carrier solutions and manage relationship with carrier services. Ensure fulfilment of shipping documents and perform efficient transportation, inspection, tracking and distribution of materials.

Primary Duties
• Identify incoming notification from expeditor on collection of materials as per purchase order delivery date. Consolidate materials as provided in materials shipping report (MSR) or as discussed by the Project Procurement Manager.
• Determine most economical and efficient shipping methods and select appropriate shipping container. Perform freight negotiations and establish shipment schedules. Verify routing and legal limits with respect to over dimensional cargo. Prepare bid tabulation for heavy items and ensure compliance with required specifications.
• Determine shipping priorities and device shipping methods to meet receipt on site (ROS) schedule.
• Develop record keeping procedures for all shipping activities and ensure records are in accordance with applicable regulation, policies and standards. Coordinate with selected freight forwarders for transportation of all materials and for receiving shipping documents.
• Track shipments for fulfilment of all shipping documents (Shipping invoices, packing list, certificate of origin) to clear goods at customs without hassle. Issue shipping notification for every shipment.
• Inspect incoming shipments and compare shipments with the purchase order to verify accuracy. Identify discrepancies, damages and defects. Update the materials shipping report (MSR) to incorporate shipping details. Check suppliers count and notify shipment carrier and management on status of deliveries of shipments.
• Maintain records on goods returned or damaged according to operational procedures Trace lost shipments and initiate proof of delivery documents. Prepare issuance declaration to inform insurance on damages. Notify accounting personnel and work with vendor to correct invoicing and order for replacement materials Obtain appropriate return authorization for damages and reconcile physical count.
• Ensure that all contract/letter of credit requirements regarding shipping instructions are passed to the supplier or freight forwarder as applicable and are adhered to. Verify preparation of all necessary documents as required by the letter of credit. Oversee data entry of shipping and receiving information into inventory systems.
• Identify and investigate any other potential problems in shipping /receiving and follow up to ensure timely and accurate delivery and distribution.
• Maintain database pertaining to all routing reports on shipping and receiving records. Create weekly report on present and outstanding shipment status for each purchase order.
• Obtain shipment status report from freight forwarders on a weekly basis and review and issue to the projects.
• Perform all related tasks as and when requested by the supervisor.

Job/Cost Impact
Ensure efficient and timely transportation and distribution of materials. Delay in delivery of materials has recursive consequences

Minimum Requirement
• Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce or Arts with a minimum of 7 years of related experience in logistics preferably dealing with the EPC, Oil and Gas Industry
• Frequent Internal Contacts include in-house freight forwarders, projects, and planning and proposals department. External contacts include suppliers, overseas office and freight forwarders.

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