Comply with SHARQ policies and SHEMs procedures and contribute to achieving target SHE rates as well as comply with quality procedures and SHARQ ISO certified standards.
    Preform the daily maintenance activities according to Standard Maintenance Procedure with high quality and reasonable time and ensure proper filling and record of the maintenance checklist. Also, ensure proper housekeeping after activity completion. 
    Provide proper feedback to his supervisor for any findings or abnormality during performing his job.
    Response to operation and maintenance activities (normal or emergency cases).
    Attend all on job and classroom training sessions and all other training as scheduled. 

    Problem solving/Decision making (other context describing complexity of role, problem solving, decision making)
    Rectify breakdown issues. 
    Escalates major issues to superior for higher authority requirement. 

    Education and Training (degree, training, or certification required)
    Education: High School or Technical College
    Communication skills.
    Presentation skills.

    Experience (technical, functional, and/or leadership experience required)
    1 Year experience in relative working field.

Recruiter Name:Miss. Megha

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