Jwellery Merchandiser & Inventory Planner for a Global Luxury Brand. 

    Job Location- India, Hong Kong, USA, Dubai, Singapore

    Job Responsibilities:
    • Generate all weekly planning reports with top level analysis for weekly business review and communicate findings with counterparts.
    • Develop and execute initial allocation and replenishment of product to all stores detailed in the buy plans, taking into account store capacity, demand, and seasonality and product life cycles. 
    • Manage replenishment within standards and proactively make adjustments based on sales trends, seasonality factors, visual merchandising strategies, and business needs. 
    • Reallocate stock between stores by monitoring store sales, inventory, and sell through by style, color and size.
    • Work closely with team to communicate inventory plans, reorders, and open to buy budgets
    • Track inventory, shipping, and sales performance to identify any inventory gaps
    • Assist with market preparation with selling recaps, sku analysis, assortment plans, and sizing data
    • Aggregate and manipulate large sets of data for reporting and analysis
    • Analyze demand and trends in global markets.
    • Should be able to plan and rotate the stock as per the needs of the market.
    • 50% of the profile would be of merchandising and would include some logistics also as the person should be aware of the processes involved in transferring merchandise from one country to another.

  • *The above job profile is not exhaustive. There might be additional responsibilities which will be added. 

    12+ years experience

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