Urgently require Operation Manager for Saudi Arabia


    Minimum experience 10 to 15 years and any chained of Coffee Shop Company or chained group of companies
    Coordination happens to be one of the foremost duties. He is expected to liaison with different
    Departments within the company and coordinate their functioning.
    He is responsible for budgeting, which involves making appropriate monetary allocations that
    Maximize outputs along with ensuring profits.

    An operations manager also needs to proficiently maintain a balance between the quantity of
    Work and the quality of the output. Any discord in this area can lead to problems in the company,
    Employee safety is another vital responsibility of the operations manager.
    He needs to ensure communication within separate departments of the company so that the How
    of work does not get interrupted.
    Inventory management and quality control is primarily supervised by the operations manager.
    In some organizations, he may also have to evaluate employee performance and look into hiring
    new people.

    Further, an operations manager is someone who has to answer client queries regarding the
    products or services being delivered. In the event of a dispute or an altercation with the client, he
    is expected to intervene and settle the matter as amicably as possible.
    The role played by an operations manager in the advertising, distribution and marketing of goods
    and services of the company is also significant. Since he is more or less in charge of overseeing
    the entire operation of the company, he is often consulted for questions related to the growth and
    development of the business, raising money to complete the projects or for queries related to
    insurance and taxation.

    The job description may also consist of representing the company at different platforms such as
    Conferences, meetings or seminars. Ho should possess complete knowledge related to the
    Expansion plan of the company, its growth details, current projects and the future prospects as
    Well. Among the financial functions, helping in the creation of the yearly budget of the com an
    and managing it is also an important task. He also works closely with the legal associates of the company
    and discusses the legal issues for the advancement and protection of the company

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