Will be responsible for ensuring product availability, quality and cost effectiveness while delivering. Maintaining strong partnerships with all vendors, meet operations product needs on a timely basis and evaluate and recommend new products to enhance standards and increase profitability. It will be Procurement Managers responsibility to make all procurement business decisions in adherence with either Managing Director, Head of departments and Director Finance.

    • Develop, procurement strategy for the organization annual plans with prioritization and resourcing.
    • Develop and implement procurement policies and procedures suitable for operations with an aim to bring in efficiencies and best practices.
    • Manage the Purchase process life cycle and execute procurement related functions (e.g., develop and implement contract management and procurement frameworks, sourcing strategies, negotiate agreements, draft and manage contracts, etc.) 
    • Monitor and analyze current trends in the marketplace, monitor usage, overstocking and aging of food products. Continuously research alternative supplier options.
    • Understand business unit needs, service those needs, and maintain and develop positive business relationships with a customers key personnel involved in or directly relevant to supply chain activities. 
    • Oversee organization wide management of the strategic sourcing, procurement, contracting, and evaluation of services. 

    • Manage / coordinate the sales and operations planning process including supply / demand forecasting, inventory management, and on time delivery. 
    • Direct and manage corporate governance and regulatory compliance 
    • Identify and manage risk within the supply chain functions of the business. 
    • Stay informed of advances in supply chain technology and approaches, and apply within the organization to improve supply chain processes, develop and implement new systems, best practices, inventory control, demand planning, and other optimizations in order to grow the business 
    • Establish key performance indicators, monitor ongoing performance, and improve performance against set goals.

    • Manage contractor and subcontractor activities, reviewing proposals, developing performance specifications, and serving as a liaison with the organization 
    • Identify potential projects to deliver changes and improvements to the supply chain and commission selected projects 
    • Develop and implement a seamless PO to Delivery mechanism utilizing people and technology in the most efficient manner possible. 
    • Foster a company-wide best practice approach approach to inventory management, reporting mechanisms and training tools for operations and support to ensure we have the best product, at the best price at the right timealways. 
      1. Candidates with following skills set only required:
      • Inventory Management Systems
      • Supply Chain Frameworks
      • Contract Management Experience 
      • Strong Negotiation Skills 
      • Excellent communicator 
      • Analytical skills 
      • Knowledge of F & B / Restaurant Operations and Products 

      2. UAE experience mandatory
      3. Arabic speaking preferred
      4. Multi-national experience in the field of restaurants
      5. Willing to relocate to Dubai on Bachelor visa

      Interested candidates with relevant prior experience in UAE only need to apply with updated CV to asha@treeline.co

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