Appliance World Ltd are the authorized distributors for LG products in Uganda. The number of staff with the company are in the region of 200.

The company was incorporated in 2001 and are one of the largest electronics wholesalers in the country.

The products the company deals in range from Refrigerators, Washing Machines, Microwave Ovens, Televisions, Audio Systems and Commercial Air Conditioning.

Almost 40% of the company"s staff work in the air conditioning division. As well as being one of the largest electronics dealers in Uganda, the company is also among the top 3 largest air conditioning companies.

The company has 2 brand showrooms and distributes to approximately 15 independently owned electronics retailers.
    Role Overview 
    As Senior Manager Accounts, you will be working in the finance/accounts department and you will be reporting to the Chief Financial Officer. You will be working with a team who are directly involved in the accounts department.

    Duties & Responsibilities 
    Ensuring that the following duties are done by yourself and the staff reporting to you:
    1. Posting verified petty cash vouchers.
    You will be responsible for ensuring that all approved petty cash vouchers are entered in the system on a daily basis. By doing so, you will be in position to confirm that all the vouchers issued match the money released from the cash office.
    2. Posting of Payments & Receipts and Reconciling Bank Balances
    Ensuring that all payments and receipts are posted into Tally ERP and ensuring that actual bank balances match with those in your accounting system. This also involves ensuring that payments made through credit/debit cards are reflected in the company's bank balances.
    3. Stock Reconciliation
    Getting stock movement records from the store keepers on a daily basis and ensuring that there is a movement match and a closing stock match between the movement and closing stock shown in your accounting system and the store keepers records.

    4. Stock Takes
    Ensuring that physical stock is counted on a monthly basis and reconciling any mismatches.
    5. Viewing online statements.
    You will be expected to view online statements, making daily cash balances and submitting them to the Managing Director for easy decision making.
    6. Monthly Reconciliation of Customers Accounts
    You will be required to reconcile all the statements of our customers on a monthly basis. A report showing that all account statements in the company's accounting system match with the statements provided by customers and suppliers must be submitted.
    7. Debt Collection Management
    You will be in charge of ensuring that all outstanding monies owed to the company are paid on time. You will be holding weekly meetings with the debt collector and all account managers to follow up and ensure that outstanding monies are collected. You will need to directly contact clients if necessary and you will have the authority to stop supply.
    8. Approving Credit Sales
    You will be responsible for approving orders on receipt of the LPO. This involves checking that the customers account is in good standing and that the LPO is genuine before approval of release of goods.

    9. Checking Deliveries
    On a day to day basis, you must check that all delivery notes for goods delivered are signed and that the signatures are genuine. This also involves getting confirmation from the customer that goods were received. This is especially important with the company's distributors who purchase almost on a daily basis.
    10. Cash Balancing
    Ensuring that the cash received matches what is shown in Tally and that the correct amount of cash has been received in accordance with the goods that exited the stores. This must be done for both of the company's branches.
    11. Verifying and posting supplier invoices.
    You are expected to receive, check, verify and enter the supplier invoices as soon as you receive them. You are also expected to balance their statements on a monthly basis.
    12. Processing payment for suppliers (local) and service providers (Freights and utilities). Preparing supplier payment analysis for the Managing Director for every payment, and processing payment for suppliers (local) and service providers (Freights and Utilities). This is approved by the Managing Director.

    13. Entering Goods Received Notes and Goods Transfer Notes.
    GRNS are made when items are received in the stores from both local and international suppliers and returning goods from the customers. GTNs are made when we are transferring items internally from one store to another. You are expected to keep track which helps in stock balancing.
    14. Preparing LPOs, Sales Orders, Tax invoices and Freight orders.
    These are supposed to be prepared once we receive an order or when we want to order for items respectively.
    15. Preparing costing entries for imported goods.
    Once items are received in our bonded warehouses, you are expected to receive the necessary documentation from the imports department and prepare costing entries and enter in tally.
    16. Salary.
    Preparing monthly salaries for employees with showing Gross Pay and Net Pay. You will be responsible for deducting government taxes.
    17. Finalization of Accounts and other statutory compliance.
    To finalize the accounts, annual profit and loss, balance sheet and related statements including the provisions, depreciation, ROC related documentation etc. Also filing of annual and monthly returns of VAT, Payee, NSSF, WHT any other compliance in accordance with the prevailing rules and regulations.

    18. Right Management and Administration of Accounting Software.
    To administer the right management of users in tally and ensure that appropriate segregation of duties is maintained and rights are allocated to users in a way that no fraudulent activities occur. The profile also includes administration of the accounting software including the solutions to the troubleshooting problems, resetting the passwords, updating and ensuring TDL in the computers of the user using tally etc.
      You should have ideally worked your way up, starting from an accounts executive to senior manager accounts.

      You should have worked in a position where you were leading/managing people.
      Recruiter Name:Sammy Laloyo
      Company:Appliance World
      Address:P.O. BOX 10608, PLOT 1-5 SPRING CLOSE, KAMPALA,Uganda 00256

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