GGC SERVICES is a comprehensively experienced and well respected global operating company offering an integrated package of life support, facilities and infrastructure services to remote site projects. Either independently or through turnkey construction, operation and maintenance services,
we are renowned in Iraq specifically as being amongst the largest and prolific in our field.
Through our 10 year history in Iraq we have established excellent links with governmental departments, border crossing points, local tribes and businesses. Our growth has been consistent and we have been active in the major fields such as Rumaila, Garraf, Qurna, Majnoon, Al Faw, Zubair and Al Badr. Our company is excited to be part of the Oil and Gas industry and its long term objectives for future development. The Corporate structure of GCC SERVICES secures necessary management oversight in governance and resourcing of the business and provides vital support in the planning and execution of complex projects which involve the full range of services within our business. In essence, GCC SERVICES brings 
a global reach with local touch to support your business Less
• Ensures personal hygiene standards, uniform code, safe lifting techniques and code of behavior is strictly follow
• Follows Health and Safety measures including code of accident prevention
• Receives and inspects all incoming materials and reconciles with purchase orders/supplier invoice or delivery note
• Inspects deliveries and verifies freshness, cleanliness, consistency and quality throughout case lots
• Refuses acceptance of damaged or incorrect items
• Follows FIFO principles at the time of receiving and during normal routine tasks 
• Checks and reports expiry dates of products, and segregates damaged and spoilt goods for further inspection and recording before disposing
• Enters issuance and receipts vouchers in the warehouse management system when it takes place
• Updates the stock ledger/warehouse management system for better planning and forecasting
• Notifies line Manager/Supervisor of low stock levels in a timely manner
• Ensures the chiller, freezer and dry stores’ temperature is accurate and reports to Management if any drop in temperature is recorded
• Adhere to food safety and handling policies and procedures across all food-related areas
• Reports accidents, injuries, and unsafe work conditions to manager
• Maximizes space-usage within the warehouse
• Sets aside storage areas for new stock
• Drives forklifts and operates pallet jacks 
• Ensures products are stocked correctly and safely
• Keeps stock control systems up to date and ensures inventory accuracy
• Prepares various Management information reports on a daily and monthly basis
• Maintains statistical and financial records
• Performs other duties as directed

Responsible to ensure that all stores’ principles, procedures, guidelines and standards set by GCC management and the Client is followed and maintained at all times.

2+ years experience

Leave Cycle: 11 months ON X 1 month paid leave

Jerold Yogaraj

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