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Duties and Responsibilities:

• Responsible for receiving stocking materials, monitoring stocks and inventory.
• Responsible for material and tools issuance.
• Monitoring issuances of tools and equipment (i.e. who receive, date of issue and which site).
• Organizing and monitoring drivers scheduled trip to validate their overtime.
• Responsible for all concerns of vehicle like maintenance, repair and etc. (If repair and maintenance is needed, he should inform the office thru mail and provides at least 3 quotations for approval of management).
• Responsible for evaluating driver’s work performance.
• Responsible in maintaining cleanliness, orderliness and safety of the store at all times.
• Responsible for solving problems that may arise in the store.
• Keeping track with the materials that comes in and goes out from the store.
• Keeping records of the materials used by the store workers.
• Responsible in sending information related to work progress in the store.
• Takes charge in collection of materials from suppliers and solving problems that may arise on the delivery.
• Performs other duties and responsibilities that may be assigned from time to time.

2+ years experience

Ellen Jane Lao

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