One of the Largest Hospital in Qatar for their Operation & Maintenance Project

Electrical Foreman

  • Candidate must have 05+ years experience
  • Experience in hospital maintenance work required
  • Interested candidates apply with all documents
  • Education: Minimum high school diploma, mechanical or electrical technology certificate or equivalent
  • Experience: Minimum 10 years
  • Preferred: 10 yrs+ in similar position.

Water Treatment Technician

Experience in Hospital Maintenance work required.
Position: - Analyze all water within the hospitals and ensure all appropriate treatment or filtration is administered, to maintain the water quality at an acceptable standard.

Demonstrates knowledge and application of the HMC mission, vision and values.
Regularly take samples from all water systems and to carry out corresponding analytical examinations.
Administer appropriate dosage of chemicals to correct any system which is outside of its limits.
Check and test regularly conditions of hydrotherapy and swimming pool water and, in coordination with the Engineer-in-charge treat accordingly as required.
Advise Mechanical Engineer on selection, proper application and storage of cleaning chemicals.
Instigate and coordinate with the Mechanical Engineer the ordering of chemicals for water treatment.
Ensure that transfer of chemicals from site to site is done in a safe manner.
Liaise with the chosen Water Treatment contractor company.
Liaise with the Civil Engineer on drains and hazardous chemical substances which may pass thru them.

Knowledge, Skills and Experience-
Minimum: Bachelor's degree in Chemistry, or Chemical Engineering undergraduate with practical training in Industrial and Hospital Water Treatment
Preferred: Bachelor's degree in Chemistry, or Chemical Engineering
Experience: Minimum: 10 yrs.
Preferred: More than 10 yrs in industrial water treatment


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