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Accountant (Tax & VAT)

Qualification: Bachelor Degree in accounting

Experience: Should have minimum 5 to 7 years experience as a Accountant (Tax & VAT)
To keep abreast of current developments relating to VAT and other taxation issues and to ensure that appropriate staff are kept informed.
To continuously review and monitor the adequacy of systems, procedures and other relevant records to ensure compliance with VAT and other taxation Regulations.
To develop a strategy to maximise the Authority’s VAT position and to take preventative action to avoid penalties and interest charges.

To maintain the Council’s Basic Information and Guidelines document and provide relevant guidance tailored to individual user requirements.
To provide regular VAT training/workshop sessions to all appropriate staff.
To represent the Director of Finance at the Local Authority VAT Consultative Group (Central) and other meetings when required.
To prepare an annual report on the activities of the VAT Officer with particular reference to the benefits generated.

To attend and contribute towards member/officer working parties and other meetings. Such attendance to be both within the department, with other departments and with outside organisations.
To lead VAT/Tax implementation project for the company and branches
To reconcile the output & input of Tax records and to make sure there is No or minimize the discrepancies.
To prepare ZAKAT & Tax return on yearly basis in order to submit to ZAKAT & Tax consultant to assist on amount to be paid and get the ZAKAT certificate
Any other jobs related to Tax / Zakat / Customs and finance department.

Nationality: Indian

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