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    Professional qualification/ Knowledge requirements 
    (a) Navigator of ship/ Yachts - nautical science degree recognized by the maritime authority of a country OR an equivalent degree/ service issued by the Navy/ Coast guard Department of a country OR offshore Yacht master. 
    (b) Valid CDC holder with STCW 95 or 2010 and completed all courses as specified in STCW 95/ 2010. 
    (c) A minimum experience of 2 years in ships/ yacht handling under 300 GRT vessels. 
    (d) Fair knowledge and 5 years sea experience in handling Chart works, Radar plotting, ECDIS, Maritime Radio frequency regulations & communication systems, VTS, GMDSS, ROR, COLREGS, SOLAS. 
    (e) Sound knowledge in Seamanship, Yacht management, Rigging, Boat/Sail/anchor works, stability, construction & design and Ships husbandry. 
    (f) Fair technical knowledge in Ships machineries and auxiliaries. (Main engines, Shafting, Power plants, DC Power, switch boards, Chiller plants, power distribution etc.). 
    (g) Fair Knowledge of MARPOL, STP and other overboard discharge regulations. 
    (h) Sound knowledge in Ships fire organization, Fire and flood control systems. 

    (a) Master of a wooden dhow, classification Pleasure Yacht, 158 GRT, 36 mtr. LOA, 8.5 mtr. beam width, 3.2 mtr. draft, propulsion by sail and motors. 
    (b) Officer In-charge of the fleet of 15 other operational boats of various types. Boat type includes Catamarans, Speed craft Jet boats, Seadoo Jet Skis, Semi-submersible boat, fishing boats, Dinghy, RIB and inflatable boats. 
    (c) Liaison with Director General Maritime Affairs of Oman for Registration of boats and crafts and other operational requirements. 
    (d) Prepare the boats as per owners instructions and make them readily available for their recreational purpose. 
    (e) Take all the boats under command and sail as instructed by the owners. 
    (f) Care and safety of all boats while at Sea and harbour and adhere to marine insurance policy. 
    (g) Make sure of the Operational readiness of all boats so as to launch it for owners immediate use. 
    (h) Make sure of the engine health and habitability of the boats as per the owners requirements. 
    (i) Maintain Safe custody of all the owners belongings and valuables kept onboard and at other areas. 
    (j) Liaise with the Personnel Department on financial, maintenance, management and welfare requirements of all boats/ crew. 

    (k) Regular Maintenance routines of various machineries of boats and its Hull, purchase of spares etc.
    (l) (I) Sailing on all weekend to owners house as standard routine and additional sailing as instructed by owners. 
    (m) Docking routines as required for all the boats needs to be carried out. 
    (n) Adhere to the harbour/ Coastal regulations of the Oman Maritime Law. 
    (o) Liaise with various sponsors of the crew for Visa, contract, resident card, Port entry pass and other requirements through Personnel Department. 
    (p) Check the Metrological and other conditions and advice the owners as required. 
    (q) Maintain discipline, safety and ensure the chain of command of crew as per Marine regulations.

    5+ years experience

    COMPENSATION- 2500 OR PER MONTH OR Rs 4 Lakhs per month

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