"The team has accumulated years of experience and technology in the field of millimeter-wave radar. It has been used in the research of vehicle blind spot detection and front-sight collision radar, and it is composed of 24GHz millimeter Wave radar evolved into the 77GHz millimeter-wave radar system, built with millimeter-wave radar detection laboratory.
(BSD) radar product development, in addition to the combination of lane switching assistance (LCA), vehicle side collision warning (CTA) two, try for three-in-one radar product research."

    1. Basic electronic eircuitry,power circuit design
    2. OP amplifier circuit design
    3. Embedded system circuit design
    4. RF circuitry design
    5. Has the experience for embedded system HW design is a plus
    2. Has the experience for mix-signal system integration is a plus
    3. Electrical engineering,communication engineering background
      4+ years experience
    Email Address: dennis-tsai@safdar.com.tw

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