•     Help design products with engineering and manufacturing techniques
  •     Add details to architectural plans from their knowledge of building techniques
  •     Work from rough sketches and specifications created by engineers and architects
  •     Specify dimensions, materials, and procedures for new products
  •     Prepare multiple versions of designs for review by engineers and architects
  •     Design plans using computer-aided design and drafting (CAD) software
  •     Work under the supervision of engineers or architects
  •     Draft and prepare layout drawings of the given structures, components and devices.
  •     Produce draft designs and diagrams according to the given specifications
  •     Assist and coordinate with designers and engineers.
  •     Prepare drawings for sheet metal components.
  •     Prepare drawings and diagrams for electrical devices and installations.
  •     Collaborate with designers, constructors and engineers on projects.
  •     Calculate dimensions and allowances with accurate precision
  •     Compile data and specifications sheets.
  •     Revise drawings and layouts to accommodate changes and enhancements.
  •     Accommodate safety procedures and issues in installation and construction drawings
  • 7+ years experience


To accomplish their primary goal of procuring technical equipment for industrial operations, Procurement Engineers perform many tasks. We analyzed several job listings to identify these core Procurement Engineers duties and responsibilities.
Determine Needs
Procurement Engineers use their specialized knowledge to determine that the facility has the machinery, components and supplies needed to efficiently and safely operate. They review any engineering changes that impact material or supplier, to adjust stocks accordingly.
Choose Suppliers
An important responsibility of a Procurement Engineer is choosing the appropriate suppliers to purchase from. Procurement Engineers do extensive industry research, meet with salespeople and compares their products and prices.
Negotiate Prices and Award Contracts
Once the Procurement Engineer has selected vendors, they negotiate sales agreements to purchase the required products. They then award contracts to the vendors, and continue to administer these contracts throughout the relationship.
Manage Suppliers
Procurement Engineers are responsible for managing supplier performance in terms of quality, cost, delivery, and responsiveness. They periodically review suppliers, and launch improvement programs where required. Procurement Engineers must always be thinking of ways to eliminate waste and variability in the supply chain.
7+ years experience


* Estimator ( experienced in pricing projects, aluminum systems, glass specifications, hardware and accessories)
* Quantity Surveyor
* Capable of Designing aluminum accessories and profiles
* Project Management in terms of time and feasibility
* Confirming site measurements.
* Proficient in AutoCAD usage
* Conduct Aluminum Shop-Drawings (Schedule, Key Elevations, Window Plan Details, Floor Plans, Section Details… etc).
* Planning Project Operations
* Preparing Cutting List
* Quoting and Pricing projects according to required descriptions
* Responsible for Project Management Time Report
* Conducting reports on project progress and make sure it matches the Timeline.
* Responsible for checking the end product at workshop before sending it to site.
5+ years experience


With at least 5 years of work experience in aluminum cladding and curtain wall facade industry. 

Must possess strong planning, organizational and project management skills. 

Capable to direct all field personnel to achieve completion of projects on schedule.

Responsible for managing the process of installation of aluminum windows, cladding, fascades, and structural glazing.
7+ years experience


. Install aluminum profiles for curtain walls such as mullion and transom.
2. Fixed cladding panels and glass for a given opening.
3. Analyze drawing plans for a given elevation.
4. Fabricate aluminum railings thru tig welding and also steel works by electrical welding
5. Install Sliding doors, windows, awning and top hung.
6. Perform glazing work for store front type fixing by using patch fittings.
7. Fabricate /Install materials used for unitized panels.
8. Able to operate manlift for site use.
9. Install frame less glass for store-front type by using patch fitting devices.
10. Able to perform glass cutting by using a diamond glass cutter incase the size is not proximate
11. Repair and maintain aluminum roll-up shutters.
7+ years experience

Interested candidates can apply with updated resume

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