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Overhead goals
The Operations Supervisor will effectively direct and manage all activates related to drivers and ops staff at End of Line facilities. Utilize resources to move shipments in the safest and most cost effective manner to meet or exceed customer expectations.

• Develop daily delivery plan utilizing equipment, manpower, and other resources to ensure effective and efficient operations and that work assignments are completed properly.
• Supervises all activities of subordinates responsible for efficient loading/unloading of vehicles along with productive pick-up and delivery of shipments at customer locations.
• Ensure necessary resources of labor, equipment and time are available to all employees to allow maximum productivity of operations staff.

• Compliance of operational SOP.
• Daily volume handling plan and Route planning
• 100% pick up collections.
• Maximize delivery of shipments.
• Coordination with relevant department and customers. 
• Time management 
• Fleet plan
• Cost effectiveness 

Service Level Reports
• Generate daily SL report.
• Insure compliance of SL standards.
• Analyze data and put corrective actions.
• Work proactivity to eliminate failures.
• COD report

Training and team building:
• Support and mentor new subordinates.
• Liaise with team leaders to determine staff training requirement and arrange accordingly.
• Conduct time to time training sessions to insure compliance of operational SOP.
• Conduct Kaizen sessions to eliminate waste and hazards.

3+ years experience

Nationality: Indian, Saudi Arabian, Pakistani, Sudanese


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