Procurement Engineer

      Procurement of all kinds of construction materials like civil materials, electrical items, general items, spare parts etc...
      Sourcing vendors
      Vendor development and evaluation
      Inviting quotes from vendors
      Analysis and comparison of Quotes received
      Negotiation with Vendor
      Release of order for procurement
      Post order management & progress monitoring 
      Ensure on time delivery
      Achievement of Project cost target
      3+ years experience

      Procurement Manager

        Procurement Manager will be responsible for managing all aspects of the procurement service primarily Vendor Management and Vendor Selection.
        Formulating the sourcing strategies along with the empanelment, negotiating and maintaining
        healthy relationships with both local and global vendors
        In this capacity, the Procurement Manager is accountable for the achievement of the Management Plan
        and all key performance indicators including responsibility for managing the budgets,
        short and long-term regional projects, operations and maintenance,
        interface with senior managers in client business units,
        5+ years experience

        Safety Supervisor

        2+ years experience
          Tool Box meeting
          site activity HSE monitor.
          Safety equipment arrangement.
          Equipment inspection.
          Safety Training for site employee.
          Plan and direct safety and health activities to evaluate environmental hazards.
          Daily site supervision.
          Discuss findings of daily safety inspection.
          Maintain morale, motivation and positive employee relations.
          Investigate job site accidents, injuries and near misses

          Safety Officer

            Daily site inspection
            To ensure that the toolbox meetings are conducted by the Supervisors and records of the same maintained
            Inspect the job site & approve the work permit before starting the work.
            To provide facilities support pertaining to environment, health and safety and life safety system so as ensure 
            Coordinate activities that impact job safety with the company employees and other contractors at work site.
            Provide appropriate safety and Protective equipment to all employees at work site and ensuring contract employees adhering to safety norms. 
            Responsible to correct any unsafe act and unsafe condition.
            Ensure that safe and healthy working environment for employees, including vehicle safety.
            Conduct monthly safety meeting with the representative of workmen on a regular basis to promote safety consciousness among employees.
            Training to all personal are educated in fire prevention practices and the use of fire extinguishing equipment.
            Responsible to implement safety in every activity at all locations where the work is performed in such manner, as to avoid any risk or bodily harm to persons or damage to property.
            Monitoring on Unsafe Acts & Conditions and follow up till completion of the point and presenting the same in monthly safety meeting.
            Record keeping the all safety related document.
            Having basic knowledge on MSDS of hazardous chemicals
            2+ years experience

            Safety Engineer

              Duties vary, but generally safety officer oversees the planning, creation and implementation of the occupational health and safety program of a company.

              The Safety officer designs a safety program consistent with the company requirements that sets up processes to reduce accidents and work-related injuries
              The Safety Officer designs procedures and forms for internal reporting of compliance with safety procedures as well as program violations, curative steps, accidents and injuries. He also maintains Materials Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)
              The Safety Officer analyzes workforce accidents and injuries to determine where process changes, communication or training needs improvement. Develops and manages reports for company management. He also recommends and implements program changes where necessary
              Conducts regular safety audits including the inspection of facilities, worksites, equipment, work practices, and safety devices to ensure compliance with required workplace safety standards, regulations and policy
              Complete accident reports and conduct accident investigations
              Ensure all personnel wear their personal protective equipment (PPE)
              Oversee all subcontractors and contractors
              Inspect power tools and heavy equipment
              2+ years experience

              Safety Manager

                Responsible for Health, safety & Environment requirements and implement the initiatives to ensure 100% safety of all the units. 
                Identify the near-miss incidents and initiate corrective actions by educating the employees to develop safety culture. 
                Study thoroughly the accident reports and takes adequate action to eliminate such conditions. 
                Responsible for overall safety & environmental compliance and implement all company's statutory procedures accordingly.
                To advice all concern departments in planning & organizing measures necessary for the effective control of personal injuries.
                To check & evaluate the effectiveness of the action taken or proposed to be taken to prevent personal injuries.
                To carry out safety inspections in order to observe the work practices & procedures followed and to advice for removing unsafe conditions & practices.
                To design & conducting training for the prevention of personal injuries, safety, health and environmental concerns at all levels. 
                To promote setting up of safety committees and act as adviser & catalyst.
                3+ years experience

                  Recruiter Name:AHMED ADIL

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