Procurement Coordinator / Buyer

    Ensure that material and services are procured from multiple sources after negotiation on the basis of comparative quotations seeking approval from appropriate authority in order to ensure that cost saving targets and key performance metrics are fulfilled.
    Develop vendor categories as per requirements received from users and ensure procurement of quality material at optimal rates.
    Evaluate vendors for specific requirements 
    Seek quotations from multiple vendors
    Check if vendor is capable to provide required material/service and quality
    Negotiate with selected vendors ensuring compliance with procurement guidelines with respect to number of quotations from approved vendors to ensure competitive rates
    Provide comparatives and negotiate rates on the basis of available competitive quotations
    Ensure quality and specification are met as per requirements

    Procurement Expiditor


      Provide full management of the overall direction and guidance to the day-to-day operations, problem solving and decision-making, regarding the acquisition and deliveries
      Track purchases and close-out of purchase orders for the all orders
      Coordinate activities with departmental staff;
      Provide follow-up for overdue and incorrect deliveries, including the review of back orders;
      Work jointly with Accounts payables for reclassifications of requisitions and purchase orders for operational efficiency and optimal performance and payment to vendors
      Review and close all open orders
      Provide assistance for resolution of vendor issues and updates to vendor records;
      Contact vendors and shippers to ensure thatsupplies and equipment are forwarded on specific shipping date;
      Communicate with transportation company to preclude delays in transit;
      Work collaboratively with team members to insure accountability and timeliness of all purchases
      Respond to any vendor inquiries as it pertains to goods ordered, delivery of goods, discontinued goods, goods on back order, etc.;
      Manage the payment of all vendors in a timely fashion upon verification all obligations being met by the vendor
      3+ years experience
        Recruiter Name:AHMED ADIL

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