Contact point for communication

    Overall contact point for operation of manpower supply with camp boss and HR officer.
    Send workers at different sites as per client requirements.
    Coordinate with transport supervisor to arrange transportation for pick and drop of workers.
    Supervise and manage working hours requirement as per client need.
    Manage safety related and other issues as instructed by client.
    Arrange documents for preparation of security cards as per client requirement
    Verify the time sheets submitted by client for monthly invoices and update accounts department and resolve discrepancies with client.
    Coordinate with CAMP BOSS to provide technical support for preparation of time cards and attendance requirement.

    Attendance and Leave
    To ensure all Manpower Department Staff Time and Attendance is captured either through system or manually at all times.
    To follow up with all Sites / other check points for attendance record and ensure all reports are received on time, and updated in the system the SAME DAY.
    Update the System - Daily & Monthly attendances collecting & uploading in system. Timekeeper to check whether total manpower sent to site matches with total manpower reported to site.
    Review attendance records vs total listed staff for site / project and ensures no variances.
    To issue renew time cards and ensure completeness
    To Manage Leave of the staff and maintain records of Sick leave, Annual Leave & etc.
    Contact employees went on leave as appropriate by telephone calls.

    Monitor and investigate daily attendance issues of staff with Camp Boss and verify data validity of reported from Camp vs Physical count / presence of staff at sites.
    Records Verification - Timekeeper to update all records of employees in database and timekeeper must be aware with regards to employees status (absconded, cancelled, on leave etc.) Timekeeper to verify that total number of manpower currently working matches with the total manpower currently in the country.

    Payroll Related

    Responsible for distribution of salaries for the department staff with the help of Accountant.
    Overtime - Timekeeper is to monitor and check the hours of overtime for all employee / labor and report to Payroll department
    To prepare, maintain Daily, Weekly & Monthly overtime record as per payroll guidelines
    Process Claim Forms (to be filled in case of work related accident and forward to HR Officer).
    Ensure all salary related queries / complains are promptly resolved, explained to the employee with top priority causing 
    To ensure any deduction made related to attendance or overtime are communicated to employees upfront.

    Handle staff / labor complains and resolve or escalate
    To coordinate with HO HR officer for any system error corrections promptly.
    Ensure completeness of staff personal files as per HR Procedures & guidelines.
    HR Policies & Procedures - Timekeeper must understand and explain the HR Policy to all employee / labors.

    Proven working experience for 5 to 7 years as Time keeper.
    HR Graduate or Diploma in HR & Payroll or other professional qualification in HR. 
    Strong Administrative Skills.
    Planning & Organizing
    Interpersonal & Communications Proficiency.
    Skills in preparing various statements, reports and analysis.
    Time Management
    Conflict resolution
    Computer literate with knowledge of Excel, Word, P/Point
    In-depth knowledge of labor law and HR best practices


    Gross salary BHD 200 TO 250/- 
    Overtime not applicable
    Company provided Accommodation
    Rest of the benefits as per Bahrain Labour law
    Recruiter Name:Ankit

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