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Dear Job Seekers,

These are difficult times for finding jobs in Middle Eastern Countries. We have fewer jobs and ever increasing job seekers. This has led to spurt in complains of “FAKE Job Offers and FAKE Visa” being issued to the applicants for non-existing jobs.

Innocent and non-suspecting candidates are being conned in thousands of their hard earned money. I keep receiving complaints and query to do check on their offer letters for their authenticity.

Here I am writing down some important contact information to do the check for Visa & Offer Letters authenticity. Please make sure to do the check before you pay any money to the consultants. Also, make sure never to pay any amount until you receive your visa.

Important Phone Number:
80046342 (for Enquiry about UAE)
1800113090 (for All Countries)
+91 11 40503090 (for All Countries)

Important Email Address: (for Enquiry about UAE) (for All Countries)

Link to check Authenticity of Visa and Offer Letter:  (for Qatar) (for Bahrain)

For other countries visa and offer letter authentication, you can write to the email address mentioned above or contact the given phone numbers.

You can also write to me here for any additional assistance as you may require.  Share this post among your friends to spread the awareness and keep checking my website for all the latest overseas jobs.

Best of luck!!!

Suhail Khan

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