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    Job purpose:

    The Assistant Operations Manager is supervising the day-to-day security operations of a portfolio of Client Sites; managing multiple teams of Security/ Operations Officers, Site, and Shift Supervisors as well as the Field Supervisors and Coordinators. These responsibilities include hiring/selecting, training, coaching, mentoring, development, and support. He must be committed to and do what it takes to provide the clients with top quality security services. The position must also build, improve, and maintain effective professional relationships with both clients and employees. The Assistant Operations Manager must be dedicated to our growth, our employees, and most importantly our clients. 

    The role involves team leadership, in either a hub or engaged with clients, and includes the coordination of an area of operations. It always involves customer relationships management, and ensuring that work is carried out safely according to quality procedures and client specifications. He will also develop security awareness programs, which provide for training the workforce on security issues facing the company and promote best practices.

    1. Delivery of high quality client service through regular contact with clients, evaluating service quality, and initiating proactive corrective action when necessary.
    2. Monitor, train, and coordinate work schedules of all security personnel to ensure efficient operations as per the client/ contract requirements.
    3. Sound judgment is required as decisions made are often major and affect relationships with customers, vendors, suppliers, and employees.
    4. Organizing and directing staff/team work and coordinating such activities to a successful conclusion.
    5. Frequent contact to exchange information with all levels of line, regional and corporate management, as well as external relationships.
    6. Review, evaluate, recommend changes and/or develop and implement new programs as requirements and customer needs change.
    7. Analyze operational and financial indicators to improve company performance.
    8. Assist in business plan and budget development and monitor progress against short-and long-term business objective.

    9. Take a proactive role in communicating with the clients and meeting their needs; meet with regularly, listen to issues, provide security and technical expertise and solutions. Ensure complete client satisfaction.
    10. Reconcile security logs against shift responsibilities and patrols; review incident reports prior to submitting to client and coordinate preliminary investigations. 
    11. Delegate to the Field Supervisor to make sure each site is functional as required by the client-s expectations and QSS Security standards.
    12. Efficiently interface and support staff and negotiate realistic deadlines for needed services.
    13. Efficiently interface with Directors, Security Manager & other Supporting divisions and negotiate realistic deadlines for needed services and requirements.
    14. Oversee and co-ordinate all G4S activities in support of BP operations on a daily and as required basis. 
    15. Ensure that full training and personnel records are maintained for all QSS personnel. 
    16. Ensure that security plans are implemented, updated, revised and tested on a regular basis. 
    17. Ensure that all QSS rotation/standby/ reliever plans are implemented. 
    18. Manage and co-ordinate all communications and Control Room requirements.
    19. Develop reporting procedures for security incidents. 

    20. Make regular recommendations leading to a state of continuous improvement and constant security enhancement. 
    21. Ensure that QSS Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) are followed at all times. 
    22. Conduct effective performance evaluations and mentor all personnel through formal channels. 
    23. Ensure all incidents and accident reports are completed as per ISO/ IMS standards.
    24. Participate in improving and taking company to the next level, to be "Top of Mind" when clients think security.

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