Position: Camp Boss

    Purpose of the Job: 
    Assure delivery of Housing & Catering Services to All Local & Outside clients on time taking into consideration best quality while managing the support services efficiently. 
    Make business strategic Judgments in situations across the department. 
    Development of staff and operations to inspire energy and creativity while maintaining professionalism at all times.

    Responsibilities / Accountabilities: 

    Housing, Catering & Maintenance: 
    1. To ensure through effective supervision that all services offered in the Camps are always available, and are carried out with the utmost efficiency and courtesy. 
    2. To maximizes productivity and morale within their respective Camps, and that they consistently maintain discipline, Staffing, Duty roster, Overtime on line with duty. 
    3. To ensure that all reports, invoices and correspondences are completed punctually and accurately. Ensure implementation of company rules and process. 
    4. To review the annual operating budget and costs of his location. 
    5. To ensure the cleanliness, maintenance and the general appearance of rooms and public areas as per standards of the company. 

    6. To ensure that all the Food Production areas are managed efficiently, menus planned in line with food cost. 
    7. To ensure that correct operating standards are adhered to. 
    8. To handle and present all guest complaints, requests and enquiries. 
    9. To establish a rapport with guests, maintaining good customer relationships. 
    10. Verifies frequently that raw materials are of high quality & manage stocks correctly. 
    11. To monitor all maintenance personnel in the performance of their duties. 
    12. To delegate duties and responsibilities. 
    13. To develop and implement a comprehensive Preventive Maintenance Program including kitchen, laundry, stores and chillers 

    14. To inspect the camps with particular attention on detective or deficient life safety features and to observe closely the condition of all operating equipment. 
    15. To control and monitor closely all utility consumption, and to ensure optimum energy usage by all 
    16. Meetings with client representative. 
    17. To ensure that all employee have a complete understanding of and adhere to the Policies relating to Fire, Hygiene and Safety. 
    18. To carry out any other reasonable duties and responsibilities as assigned.

    Qualifications / Experience: 

    Hotel & Catering diploma and or experience, Oil & Gas camp management experience.

    5 years in Hospitality and or industrial Catering. 
    Have knowledge and implementation of in HACCP. 
    Have excellent personal organization and business administration skills. 
    Ability to build a high performance team efficiently and effectively. 
    Personally energetic , dynamic, positive, enthusiastic and posses the ability to think laterally and act through reasoned decision making. 
    Be able to get things done and make things happen to achieve the aims of business. 
    Posses the ability to implement and manage change in business 
    Posses strong computer skills and competency in basic MS office applications, excel and word. 
    Has a strong English communicating skills (Speaking and Writing)

    Forward your CV's to ullas1@hrsolutions.net.in

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