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Ela Group of Companies attributes its outstanding performance to the successful integrated retail, construction and manufacturing divisions it has developed over the last two decades. Critical thinking, ability to develop collaborative relationships, practical problem solving, excellent customer service and adaptability, has made 'Ela' a household name in MADANG province. 'Ela' is synonymous in Papua New Guinea with integrity, quality, superior design and workmanship. In both our Retail & Construction divisions, we ensure that everything we do, has a lasting benefit by developing committed to their success
    PURPOSE OF THE POSITIONTo provide full Construction and Administration support to the Company under the guidance of the Managing Director

    SCOPEA site manager also sometimes has the title of construction manager, building manager or site agent. He or she will oversee operations on a day-to-day basis, and ensure that work is done safely, on time and within budget and to the right quality standards. 

    RESPONSIBILITIES(Major responsibilities and target accomplishments expected of the position including the typical problems encountered in carrying out the responsibilities.) 
    • As a site manager, you could be responsibility for a whole site or, with larger schemes, you may be responsible for part of a project and report to a more senior manager, who may be taking care of several projects at the same time. 
    • Before work starts, a site manager gets things ready by taking on staff, and preparing the site, carefully planning the work to be done and installing temporary offices for site staff. 
    • While work is taking place, the site manager will monitor progress, oversee delivery of materials and carry out safety checks and sort out any problems which could hold up work as they arise. A site manager will also keep in close contact with members of their site team at all times, and liaise with architects, engineers, surveyors and planners. He or she will also ensure that work complies with building regulations and health and safety legislation as well as other legal requirements. 
    • A site manager will also keep the client updated regularly on progress. Finally, a site manager also acts as the first point of contact for members of the public and sub-contractors.
    • It is the responsibility of the site manager to make sure that the deadline for completing work is met, and as site manager you will at least share some of the responsibility if someone on your site has an accident.

    1. Construction Manager Responsibilities: 
    • Manage and oversee the day-to-day construction management of the project.
    • Prepares, supervises and approves the development of PEP [from construction point of view],
    • and its implementation plus ensuring Lessons Learned are properly documented throughout the
    • life of the project including Project Close-out
    • Manage the construction effort and be the construction representative of our company with Client.
    • To plan, develop and organize the construction effort to formulate the most cost-effective plan to timely completion within budget and to implement the execution of that plan.
    • Responsible for implementation of the scope of work as related to construction/ fabrication, precommissioning and deliver.
    • Monitor and report to Construction Manager, including progress, risks and opportunities in a timely manner.
    • Ensures all changes to specifications, work scope and drawings are documented
    • Define clear roles & responsibilities and deliverable requirements in terms of both scope and
    • schedule to all the team members.
    • Review man-hours and duration forecasts to completion for construction 
    • Monitor construction productivity and schedule performance and investigate reasons for less than satisfactory performance. Provide recommendations and institute measures for improvement by modification to operating procedures/work instructions.
    • Adhere to Company Safety Standards and promote safety culture among the ranks through out
    • the Company.
    • Any other ad-hoc projects and duties as required by the management.
    • Liaise with co-Managers to drop off and pick up employees 

    Salary & Other Benefits 
    • K35,000.00 per annum (take home). Bonus of K5,000.00 will be on offer on performance and meeting KPI's. Food and Telephone expense will be at employee's responsibility. 
    • Return Airfares after 24 months of service. 
    • Housing on a single status, Power, Water and Gas bills to be paid by the company. Employee will require own Life Insurance and submit a Cover Note from their Insurance Company. General medical cost will be covered by company. 

    Working Relationships: 

    Effective working relationships are an essential part of daily working life. 
    The focus in this role is both:- 

    • Internal: Colleagues within Operating Division, the Divisional Chairmans office, Group Human Resources Department and other Group departments from time to time; and 
    • External: Develop an awareness and understanding of Managing/Divisional Directors external contacts in order to efficiently perform key responsibilities of the position. 

    Decision Making Authority: 

    • As agreed with Managing/Divisional Director 
    (The knowledge, skills and attitudes required for satisfactory job performance)

    • Degree in Engineering (Civil)
    • 7 to 10 years relevant experience in Construction industry.
    • Ability to work long hours and under pressure
    • Preference will be given to candidate who has previous work experience with timber work and has worked in Africa or PNG

    The incumbent must demonstrate the following skills: 
    • Excellent interpersonal skills
    • Team building skills
    • Bookkeeping skills
    • Analytical and problem solving skills
    • Decision making skills
    • Effective verbal and listening communications skills
    • Attention to detail and high level of accuracy
    • Very effective organizational skills
    • Effective written communication skills
    • Computer skills including the ability to operate computerized accounting, spreadsheet and word processing programs, and e-mail at a highly proficient level.
    • Stress management skills
    • Time management skills

    Personal Attributes:The incumbent must maintain strict confidentiality in performing the duties of the Site Manager. The incumbent must also demonstrate the following personal attributes:
    • Be honest and trustworthy
    • Be respectful
    • Possess cultural awareness and sensitivity
    • Be flexible
    • Demonstrate sound work ethics

    • Generally, working hours will be much like an office job, 7.30am-5.30pm, but there may be times when youll need to work extra hours to make sure a project is completed. There may also be certain jobs that require you to work unsociable hours because it's more convenient for building to take place outside of busy times for the public.
    • You'll be working in a team which can vary in size, so you'll need to be a good communicator and the ability to work out solutions to problems is pretty much essential.
    • Site work does mean being out in all weathers and you will have to wear protective clothing while on site. You should also expect to have to work at height sometimes, for example when inspecting roofing.
    • You will also need to travel between sites to meet clients and sub-contractors.
    • A site manager needs to be able to plan work well, and to be well-organised, and prepared for responsibility and decision making. And, in common with many other construction industry jobs, you will also need to be highly numerate with good IT skills, as well as good at solving problems.
    • At the same time, youll have to be able to get your head around building and health and safety regulations, as well as other legislation.
    • Site managers also need particularly strong people skills, since youll have to be able to communicate with, manage and motivate people at all levels, from staff to sub-contractors.

Recruiter Name:Mansi Patel

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