We are looking for Educational Marketing Executive for UAE.

Key Responsibilities / Duties

Functional Role:

•Analyze school market details of each country and create its strategies by;
•Grasp & analyses educational systems in each country (Curriculum, Syllabus)
•Get necessary information such as number of students, schools, teachers and usage of calculator in classroom in each country.
•Estimate current market volume and potential room to grow
•Make analysis list of school market in each country and update
•continuously (Make Database of Middle East & Africa school market)
•Construct business structures of each country to be able to reach expansion of student users
•Create Action plan for school activities for each country and accomplish it

•Awareness building activities for practical use of calculator at classroom in GCC countries.
•Constant Communication with mathematics teachers, doctors, students and Ministry of Education.
•Participate in regional math conferences in Middle East and Africa
•Establish relationship with Ministry of Education in each country
•Make presentation to workshop/to share with distributor
•Conduct presentations to Ministry of Education/math teacher in each country
•Construct math teacher's network in each country
•Train person in charge of school business, person in charge for calculator and cooperate teachers of each distributors

•Trace targeted schools per region and make school list in each country
•Proceed workshop activity to target schools in each country and check the progress
•Arrange promotional campaign and activities at schools/universities/educational institutes to promote the usage of specialized calculators.
•Schedule for workshop and prepare its budget in each country
•Plan to participate in events/exhibitions which can promote to education in each country
•Plan to create support tools such as POP materials to enhance school activities in each GCC country.
•Support Marketing activities via Social Media activities and Dispatch of information 
•Administrate and update Facebook fan page for pan-Middle East (Arabic
•language) Support, check and suggest beneficial ideas to educational websites which are operated by COMPANY cooperate teachers/distributor

•Other Responsibilities

•Support other associate when need of help in Arabic language & translation.
•Administrate and update COMPANY educational website
•Support to develop/check the products with Arabic language
•Check educational materials in Arabic
•Translate into Arabic language for educational materials such as manual, advertisement etc
•Suggest new product/feature development
•Get and summarize teacher's opinions
•Suggest new product with regional tastes
•Investigate/analyse/suggest against competitors
•Compare to competitors in specifications
•Check market retail price in each country
•Check shop front decoration of calculator corner

•Check promotional activities of competitors in each country
•Check competitor's organizations of school teams in each country
•Check school activities of competitors in each country
•Investigate relationship/connection between Ministry of Education and competitor
•participate in Global school activities conducted by COMPANY if necessary
•Participate in COMPANY math conferences and internal meeting outside of UAE
•Suggest beneficial ideas which can contribute sales increase of CME sale team and distributors
•Plan ways to enhance sell-through at shop front in main dealers during BTS season
•Keep responsibility as leader of school business in Middle East and Africa and proceed above jobs together with distributors.
•Above responsibilities are for Middle East & Africa countries

3+ years experience

Email: jobs@flc-executive.ae / ifra@flc-executive.ae

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