Job Description:

    1) Cost & general efficiency:-
    Optimization of income & expenditure: GP, net profit, net profit before interest and tax
    Timely product costing for pricing & other cost based decisions
    Cost savings due to prudent financial & other risks management
    Efficiency & effectiveness in external reporting
    Timely variance analysis reports
    2) Liquidity and working capital management:-
    Current and other ratios, Debtors % due more than 60 days, interest payable and foreign exchange loss magnitude
    3) Operational effectiveness:-
    Budget & Budgetary controls, budget forecast accuracy
    Quality of budget review framework such as variance analysis
    Quality of internal controls for all the departments-policing of SOPs
    Finance Dept organization
    Quality of leadership; team appraisal effectiveness
    Quality of resource allocation, application and control
    4) Information integrity:-
    Timely management & other financial reports/reporting
    Number of systems breaches per year
    Optimal dash board for ease of access to reports, timely and accurate reports
    10+ years experience
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