Looking for General Manager for cosmetic brand for one of the well know retail group which is into global fashion and lifestyle based at Dubai.

    Experience: 10 years+(Preferably from cosmetics background)
    Job Location : Dubai

    Job role:
    Strategic Responsibilities
    Participate in the development of the Group strategy by providing input from the perspective of the own Division, ensuring that relevant goals and objectives are incorporated.
    Introduce new brands/concepts/product when required, to capitalize and expand business potential, negotiate deals & details of new contracts, and decide on positioning of new outlets.
    Develop overall annual budgets and 5 years plans in line and coordination with the business strategy and respective functional heads; consolidate and refine the overall budget for the Division, and enforce its implementation.
    Ensure that graphics developed at head office are forwarded to all territories for implementation thus creating a uniform image

    Monitor store administration systems to maximize operational efficiency
    Formulate and implement Territory/Region/Area/Store strategies
    Develop & oversee long term strategic and shorter term tactical plans incorporating expenditure & revenue budgets designed to ensure that Divisions growth, profitability and return on investment is achieved.
    Direct and manage all aspects of the business in a manner which best enables the business plans to be achieved.
    Manage various aspects of new shops and plan implementation for timely opening, including suitable location, profitability parameters, and execution of store design as per principals specifications and overseeing project progress in terms of cost & quality control. 
    Analyze market trends and customers preferences, decide on expenditure and approve buying plans and merchandising budgets in line with sales and business strategy for the division. 
    Establish and maintain effective business relations with key business partners and sustainable network with people & entities that matter to business to further business interests. 
    Oversee that the highest levels of quality in the look and feel of the stores is applied and is in line with 
    the Principal requirements, and that continued, timely, and efficient support is provided by the Operations Team.
    Oversee that the highest levels of customer service is implemented in the business with continued compliance to internal and Principals requirements.

    Oversee the appropriate level of security and stock control to minimize in-store shrinkage.
    Conduct regular store visits to ensure implementation of best practices, and build motivational relation with store employees.
    Supervise low-performing stores and brands to drive quick, sustained and effective turnaround in performance.
    Monitor compliance of local laws relating to industry and ensure all outlets adhere and operate to the strict statutory requirement and established safety policies and standards
    Supervise end-to-end logistics processes, in coordination with the Logistics and Warehouse functions at the corporate, ensuring continued visibility on stock levels, shipments and accurate and timely distribution of goods and products to the BUs retail outlet

    Develop motivational strategies of employees in the division as well as coach and mentor direct reports to ensure that all employees are encouraged to maximize their capability and contribution by being a role model in best practices. Plan and develop people for succession planning.
    Provide leadership and direction to subordinates towards the achievement of goals and objectives.
    Guide and motivate subordinates to enhance performance and produce quality work, and ensure that they are continuously developed for higher level roles.
    Prepare performance evaluation and appraisal reports of direct reports to assess subordinates productivity and progress and identify training needs of team members to improve efficiency and ensure conformity with standard procedures and best practices.
    Communicate any organizational changes and mitigate risks through effective change management.
    Plan human resource requirements with HR department to ensure selection is in line with the budgets and business standards.

    Develop and communicate appropriate plans and approaches for advertising to pitch the right brand image/positioning/awareness in the market
    Maintaining customer relations to expand customer base and market share, in line with the guidelines of the Corporate and Retail Marketing & Communications as well as the principal requirements
    Closely coordinating with Marketing team and Principals

    Principal/Management Liaison 
    Establish and maintain strong working relationships with respective Principals, ensuring that the Division operates within specified brand-specific requirements and standards
    Ensuring compliance with any business performance reporting requirements of principals

    Candidate who are willing to relocate to Dubai only can apply on priya@alpinemanagement.in

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