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Geepee Industries is a plastics manufacturing company that was established in the early 90's to meet the local demand for plastic consumables. It has since grown to be one of the top companies in the industry and is still growing. With hundreds of employees working closely together, Geepee Industries has become a family with all rounded individuals eager to take on any task or challenge presented to them.
    A company based in Nigeria is looking for a young, energetic and enthusiastic individual to join the team as an HR Officer. 
    Individuals must be able to multi-task and work in a dynamic and flexible environment. The company is primarily a plastics manufacturing plant with hundreds of employees in multiple locations. As such, job responsibilities include but are not limited to:

    -Maintaining detailed database of all employees and performing all duties required to allow these employees to perform their tasks successfully i.e. renewing visas, organizing travel plans, maintaining records of assessments and grievances etc
    - Managing any interactions with government officials and offices pertaining to HR related issues
    - Redesigning and maintaining evaluations of all staff members
    - Designing training seminars for corporate culture education
    - Induction of any new member of staff

    These are only a few of the responsibilities that shall be assigned to the HR officer who shall work closely with senior management. As the HR department and corporate culture is undergoing a transitional period, the position requires a strong and creative individual who is unafraid to adapt to the situation at hand and who is able to contribute with suggestions and ideas, as well as aid in leading this transition.
    9+ years experience

    Please do not hesitate to contact for more information.  

Recruiter Name:Kritika Vaswani
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