JOB TITLE: Lab Head
    DEPARTMENT: Quality
    Reports to: Quality Director

    Responsible for implementing, supervising and controlling all integrated lab management processes (raw materials, finished products, customer care), while ensuring quality control in accordance with the defined standards.

    Perform lab analysis on raw materials whenever technically required;
    Monitor the quality of indicating parameters for quality during production process of various products within the Company;
    Carry out product analysis on complaints from customers and/or discards from the market;
    Monitor weight control on finished products;
    Check qualityrelated aspects on packaging for finished products on receipt;
    Control product recipes;
    Ensure that materials, work equipment and location are kept clean;
    Perform regular collection of samples, receipt/registration of samples, keep them clean, ensure homogenization and division;

    Comply with working schedule and defined lab analysis daytoday activities for each sample in line with technical specifications;
    Ensure correct application of defined testing methods;
    Ensure lad documentation files are duly kept;
    Render technical support to Management/administration as far as product quality is concerned, for various products within the Company;
    Keep records of processes concerning product traceability before sending to customers;
    Prepare daily reports on sample quality;
    Periodic check of standards of analytic equipment, in line with the quality management program and report all nonconformities thereof;

    Keep samples for every raw materials and finished products at the correct place and for the predefined period;
    Validate complaints and render technical support to customers as required;
    Manage the preparation of milling additives and test the additives as directed;
    Monitor finished products quality and report potential correction needs;
    Perform quality control on bread used for testing;
    Implement pest management program, as well as environmental management plan and Hygiene & Safety at Work;
    Ensure compliance with production good practices in accordance with food security guidelines;
    Conduct periodic internal audit on the Quality Management System;
    Represent Quality Department in external Audits/Inspections in the areas under its responsibility;
    Perform critical assessment of results based on the specifications of various products, give advice and raise awareness to the Quality and Product Management as required
    Perform statistic control on complaints, discards and nonconformities as far as quality management system is concerned.

    Graduate Degree in a relevant field.
    Minimum 4 years experience in wheat milling.
    Proven technical knowledge of bakery processes, maize and wheat flour, as well as milling additives.
    Technical labrelated education and/or proven experience in the field
    Computer skills as a user
    Knowledge of ISO 9001 and OSHAS standards and national legislation on HHS at work
    Experience in managing teams
    Proficiency in English language both verbal and written
    Interpersonal communication skills
    Autonomy and proactively
    High sense of responsibility and professional secrecy
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