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SK Restaurants, the brainchild of Sanjeev executed in collaboration with Better Value Brands, is a company experienced in managing and developing scalable brands like Talwalkars. With a plethora of restaurants serving innovative and exciting Indian cuisine as well as other popular cuisines from the world, both in India and abroad, SK Restaurants aims to take the vision of Chef Sanjeev Kapoor to new heights. The popular brands under the parent company include - The Yellow Chilli, Khazana, Signature, Hong Kong, Sura Vie, Grain Of Salt, with India Green being the latest addition in the kitty.

    Commis 1

    Commis 2

    Commis 3

    1. Looking for Commis 1, Commis 2, Commis 3.

    2. Maintaining high standards of hygiene.

    3. Preparing the ingredients for a more senior chef.

    4. Measuring dish ingredients and portion sizes accurately.

    5. Dealing with deliveries and stock rotation.

    6. Indian Cuisine (Curry, Tandoor, Halwai) is Must.


      1. Supervise and train the Restaurant Service Personnel in prescribed service techniques and help staff with service.

      2. Inspect restaurant for cleanliness and order. Requisition necessary supplies.

      3. Assign Restaurant Personnel as required. Inspect staff as to dress, cleanliness, etc.

      4. Ensure that reservations are recorded and guests are greeted - may have the Senior Captain seat guests and supply menus. Assign personnel to stations.

      5. Maintain proper decorum of the restaurant by aiding the Security in the removal of undesirable guests, with the consent of Restaurant General Manager.

      6. Maintain Time Registers, Accident Reports as required.

      7. Handle all guest complaints on Food, Beverage and Service. Instruct Captains on proper methods of service to eliminate problems in the future.

      8. Maintain excellent guest relations, ensuring prompt service with courtesy to ensure repeat customers.

      9. Conduct daily briefings before service to check for attendance, turnout and to review the menu and inform on items to be'pushed' and those that are not available.

      10. Assist management in other matters as required.


        1. Table set-up. Before the restaurant opens, the steward should inspect each table to ensure the set-up is complete. If any item is missing, he should be sure to replace it or have the Assistant Steward replace the item as soon as possible.

        2. Menu should be handed out and water and dinner rolls should be served as soon as the guests are seated.

        3. Be alert in taking orders as soon as the guests are ready to order. It creates goodwill and helps improve customer turnover in the restaurant. Orders are taken by using abbreviations which management has prescribed. It is important for each steward to be familiar with these abbreviations in order to speed up service from the kitchen. All orders should be clearly written to eliminate errors in the kitchen, which could delay an order.

        4. A good steward will be very familiar with the menu and its prices. He will know what the specials are, what items are cooked to order and preparation times and / after main course dessert and tea / coffee / drinks. Having this information will provide smoother service.

        5. If a guest makes a mistake in ordering, cheerfully replace the order. Do not argue with him.

        6. Soiled dishes and silverware should be removed, after each course, from the right. Dishes should not be stacked nor plates scraped in front of a guest.

        7. Presenting the check - Breakfast and luncheons are fast service meals and after serving the last refill or beverages or dessert, politely ask if there will be anything else, if not, the check is presented in a check folder.
        Dinner - In most restaurants, it is customary to hold the check until it is asked for. It is then presented in a check folder to the left of the host.

        8. He should supervise cleaning of the restaurant in order to get it ready for opening and also before closing down of the restaurant.

        9. If an accident occurs and food or liquid is spilled on a guest, a steward should apologize no matter whose fault it was and immediately offer to help the guest to reduce the unsightly stains. Most restaurants will offer to pay for the cleaning of the guest's clothing.

        Preferred candidates from Nepal.

        Chef De Partie (CDP)

          1. Preparing, cooking and presenting dishes within your specialty.

          2.Managing and training any demi-chef de parties or commis working with you.

          3.Helping the sous chef and head chef to develop new dishes and menus.

          4.Ensuring you and your team have high standards of food hygiene and follow the rules of health and safety.

          5.Monitoring portion and waste control to maintain profit margins.

          6. Indian Cuisine (Curry, Tandoor, Halwai) is a Must

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