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    Job Title: Public Speaker 

    About Us: We are Gulf's No. 1 Exam preparation institute based out at multiple locations in UAE

    Work Location: Dubai

    Job Description:
    Helping individuals and clusters of people by means of inspirational talks or speeches.
    Speak on a variety of subjects that suit the audiences.
    Share other peoples experiences, including their own, and explain how to overcome troubles and problems.
    Must be able to effectively converse with people.
    Need to have a high level of passion for helping people and carry a positive outlook on life. 
    Boost marketing appeal and credibility
    Experts in tailor fitting their messages to their audiences whether it is a crowd of parents or a class of students.
    Work hard in maintaining and developing their abilities and verbal communication skills, as this is a vital element of the job.
    Research to continuously keep up with trends and events regarding the subject matter that they speak about.
    Must also have the skill to converse with their audiences after every speech to offer consultations and answer queries. 

    Skill Sets: Communication skills, Leadership, Decision-making skills, Negotiating skills, Instructional skills, Speaking skills, Interpersonal skills, Memorization skills, Listening skills

Recruiter Name:Monika Oli
Company:Knowledge Planet

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