Restaurant Supervisor
    Assists the Restaurant Manager in directing and organizing the staff of A.T. (Ariccia
    Trattoria), Piccolo Bar and Lounge, Caff Siena, In-Room Dining and our Executive Floor
    Lounge to ensure first class service, food & beverage offerings and marketing to maximize
    Ensuring that checklists, requisitions and proper opening and closing functions are
    being completed each shift.
    Communicate effectively, both verbally and in writing, to provide clear direction to
    the staff.
    Observe performance and encourage improvement where necessary.
    Ensure staffing levels for all outlets are accurate based on hotel and outlet business
    levels. Organize and conduct pre-shift and departmental meetings communicating
    pertinent information to the staff, such as house count and menu changes.
    Communicate with guests and employees using a positive and clear speaking voice,
    listen to and understand requests, respond with appropriate actions and provide
    accurate information.
    Restaurant Manager
        Manages daily restaurant operations and assists with menu planning, maintains sanitation standards and assists servers and hosts on the floor during peak meal periods. 

        Strives to continually improve guest and employee satisfaction and maximize the financial performance in areas of responsibility.
        Treats all Team Members fairly, with respect.
        Arrange for maintenance and repair of equipment and other services.

        Total receipts and balance against sales, deposit receipts, and lock facility at end of day.
        5+ years experience
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