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    PURPOSE OF THE POSITION:Ela Group of Companies attributes its outstanding performance to the successful integrated retail, construction and manufacturing divisions it has developed over the last two decades. Critical thinking, ability to develop collaborative relationships, practical problem solving, excellent customer service and adaptability, has made 'Ela' a household name in MADANG province. 'Ela' is synonymous in Papua New Guinea with integrity, quality, superior design and workmanship. In both our Retail & Construction divisions, we ensure that everything we do, has a lasting benefit by developing committed to their success

    To provide full Retail and Administration support to the Company under the guidance of the Managing Director

    SCOPE:A Retail will oversee operations on a day-to-day basis, and ensure Sales are within budget and Services are provided to the highest standards to our clients. 

    (Major responsibilities and target accomplishments expected of the position including the typical problems encountered in carrying out the responsibilities.)

    1. The manager would be required to open the store earlier than the trading hours so that a daily roster for the staff can be taken. Rooster for the security guards also needs to be taken and daily time sheets need to be filled and submitted to the head office.

    2. The manger would have to maintain adequate staff level and would have to place an advertisement in the newspaper for any vacancies she would have to interview the staff and appoint the staff that would suit the job description.
    All staff appointed should be provided training before handling over responsibility to them.

    3. The manger would be responsible in sourcing and purchasing of all hardware, building and plumbing materials. The manager would have to communicate on an ongoing basis with the local suppliers and with the overseas suppliers through emails for purchasing of items.

    4. The manager would be expected to keep herself updated with all the latest industry products and he would have to visit trade fairs. She should try and get new agencys set up for the hardware store.

    5. The manager would have to get all the stock counted on arrival from the suppliers end and documented it in Goods received notes. All stock that is damaged or is short or is different than what was quoted for will have to be returned to the supplier and said amounts would have to be deducted from the suppliers bills.

    6. The manager would have to do oversee stock counts on a monthly basis. All items have to be counted and entered into the stock sheets. The variances should be reported to the Head office and corrective measures to be taken up for the next months stock count.

    7. The manager would have to serve all customers and would be required to train all sales staff on how they should interact with all customers. She would have to go on routine sales trips and promote all stock.

    8. The manager would also have to train staff with the point of sale programme that runs at all the stores and would have to audit all the routine procedures that have been set for invoicing and delivering of cargo on an ongoing basis. The manager would have to smoothen out the problems and would have to achieve minimum processing time for each customer served.

    9. The manager will hold meetings with all the staff working under her on a fortnightly basis and would report the minutes to the head office.

    10. The manager would have to conduct performance appraisals for all staff and give them a feedback on what areas they need to improve their performance on. She would also be responsible for suggesting their annual bonus.

    11. The manager would be required to close the store and would have to lock the store and submit the daily cash sales to the head office. She would have to tally the cash sales with the system generated sales figures and keep it ready for banking the next day.

    12. The manager would have to attend to all administrative matters of the stores. She would be responsible in liaising with the head office for payments of all supplier bills. She would have to maintain her cash flow and advise the head office about it.

    13. The manager would have to meet the given sales targets and should strive and cut down on operation costs. She would have to 

    14. - Demonstrate products; suggest selections that meet customers requirements.

    - Explain product features, characteristics and quality of the selected product.
    - Illustrate the similarities and differences between comparable products and explain how these affect the price of the products.
    - Produce sales invoice.
    - Pay attention to the displayed products; ensure that they are displayed in an appropriate way.
    - Maintain the cleanliness of the products.
    - Place new product on display.
    - Set up advertising displays or arranges product on counters or tables to promote sales.
    - Collect or picks up empty containers or rejected or unsold

    Salary & Other Benefits:
    • K25,000.00 per annum (take home). Bonus of K5,000.00 will be on offer on performance and meeting KPI's. Food and Telephone expense will be at employee's responsibility.
    • Return Airfares after 24 months of service.
    • Housing on a single status, Power, Water and Gas bills to be paid by the company. Employee will require own Life Insurance and submit a Cover Note from their Insurance Company. General medical cost will be covered by company.

    Working Relationships:

    Effective working relationships are an essential part of daily working life. The focus in this role is both:- 
    • Internal : Colleagues within Operating Division, the Divisional Chairmans office, Group Human Resources Department and other Group departments from time to time.
    • External : Develop an awareness and understanding of Managing/Divisional Directors external contacts in order to efficiently perform key responsibilities of the position.

  • Decision Making Authority: As agreed with Managing/Divisional Director
      KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS AND ABILITIES:(The knowledge, skills and attitudes required for satisfactory job performance)

      1. Degree in Commerce or Retail Management
      2. 7 to 10 years relevant experience in Retail industry.
      3. Ability to work long hours and under pressure
      4. Preference will be given to candidate who has previous work experience in Africa or PNG.


      The incumbent must demonstrate the following skills: 
      1. Excellent interpersonal skills
      2. Team building skills
      3. Bookkeeping skills
      4. Analytical and problem solving skills
      5. Decision making skills
      6. Effective verbal and listening communications skills
      7. Attention to detail and high level of accuracy
      8. Very effective organizational skills
      9. Effective written communication skills
      10. Computer skills including the ability to operate computerized Accounting, spreadsheet and wordprocessing programs, and E-mail at a highly proficient level
      11. Stress management skills
      12. Time management skills

      Personal Attributes

      The incumbent must maintain strict confidentiality in performing the duties of the Retail Manager. The incumbent must also demonstrate the following personal attributes:
      1. Be honest and trustworthy
      2. Be respectful
      3. Possess cultural awareness and sensitivity
      4. Be flexible
      5. Demonstrate sound work ethics

      1. Generally, working hours will be much like an office job, 7.30am-6.00pm, but there may be times when youll need to work extra hours to make sure a project is completed.
      2. You'll be working in a team which can vary in size, so you'll need to be a good communicator and the ability to work out solutions to problems is pretty much essential.
      3. A Retail manager needs to be able to plan work well, and to be well-organised, and prepared for responsibility and decision making. You will also need to be highly numerate with good IT skills, as well as good at solving problems.
      4. Retail managers also need particularly strong people skills, since youll have to be able to communicate with, manage and motivate people at all levels.

    • Recruiter Name:Mansi Patel

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