It's a Fortune 500 MNC, listed in Singapore Stock Exchange. Having operations in 65 countries. 
Turnover of the company is USD 20 Billion'
    Business P&L responsibility and team management to Marketing and Sales and overall Profitability Management of Agri Commodity. 
    Achievement of targets / P&L delivery / Resource Productivity / Strategic delivery
    Volume / Profitability / Cycle time / Costs control- Directs and Indirect/ Exposure control 

    - New Customer and Market development- Identification of Product Potential (in Global Portfolio) w.r.t to Regional landscape (Market Potential and legal/ logistics Framework) and aligning Market requirements with Supply chain requisites with respective Product Desk 

    Operations, Business Development, Sales & Marketing: 

    - Driving Country Structure and Operations for 100% Subsidiary Operations in line with Legal Framework of Country Regulations 

    - Budgets setting and Review- Volume, Profitability, Costing, Overheads with respect to P&L 

    - Managing customer relationships/ Negotiation/ Pricing / Contracts/ Documentation flow 

    - Management of overall trading book and Contract fulfillment 

    Market Intelligence & Analysis: Competitor Activity / Pricing / Trends / Market shares: 

    - Bench-marking with key competitors in respective product and Segment Categories 

    - Positional Planning with Respective product desks and independent trading with 3rd Party/Brokers 

    Risk Management & Control: 

    - Currency / Price Position / Counter-party exposures

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