1. Prepares Annual Sales & Marketing Plan in liaison with the Marketing Dept. & finalize & get approval from the Management with respect to yearly targets & objectives setting & achievement of these targets. 
2. Ensures all salesmen are achieving their allocated targets area wise. 
3. Schedules visits with salesmen to check on achievement in their individual areas and/or to help in ‘collection’ with ‘problematic’ customers, etc.
4. Manages and meets individual sales executives’ needs on a daily basis.

5. Ensures that salesmen are performing to their best ability in terms of:
• ‘On time’ delivery by coordinating with the Warehouse delivery section & sales department administrators accordingly.
• Product availability in retail outlets.
• Addressing any customer complaints/ problems and providing swift suggestions or solutions to the clients.
• Monitoring competitor activities - new products, prices, special offers, trade, deal promotions to be noted.

6. Generates new product ideas - both for volume and niche markets, special requirements, details of new products to be developed on the request of clients, provide samples if any primary packing details as needed, tender items etc.
7. Ensures stock of slow & non-moving products are cleared as per company objectives. Price reduction, promotions, quarterly clearance sales etc., may be required to achieve this. 
8. Forecast all manufactured & traded products for 3 months and provide the forecast to the PPC each month & ensure its accuracy level of greater than 95% is achieved.
9. Ensures timely collection of sales staff according to Company policies

5+ years experience

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