Our client is an Engineering Company based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia which has been established 30 years ago. Professional Environment. Reputed Organization

  • To analyze configurations of the basic structural components of a building or other structure;
  • To calculate the pressures, stresses and strains that each component, such as a beam or lintel, will experience from other parts of the structure due to human use or environmental pressures such as weather or earthquakes;
  • To consider the strength of various materials, e.g. timber, concrete, steel and brick, to see how their inclusion may necessitate a change of structural design;
  • Should liaise with other designers, including architects, to agree on safe designs and their fit with the aesthetic concept of the construction;

  • Should examine structures at risk of collapse and advising how to improve their structural integrity, such as recommending removal or repair of defective parts or rebuilding the entire structure;
  • To make drawings, specifications and computer models of structures for building contractors;
  • Work with geotechnical engineers to investigate ground conditions and analyse results of soil sample and in-situ tests;
  • To liaise with construction contractors to ensure that newly erected buildings are structurally sound;
  • To apply expert knowledge of the forces that act on various structures;
  • Should use computers and computer-aided design (CAD) technology for simulation purposes.
    Functional Competencies required:
    • Good knowledge of structural design calculations.
    • Good Knowledge of various International Standards.
    • Good Knowledge of Autocad, STADD, Pro & MS office
    • Experience of 3D modelling in Tekla or CREO software will be an added advantage.
    • Experience of Mathcad software will be an added advantage.

    • Other requirements:

    • High level of integrity
    • Strong planning &organizing skill
    • Excellent Man Management 
    • Strong communication skill
    • Good analytical and problem-solving skills
    • Strong mathematical ability;
    • grasp of physics should be Good
    • Good in three-dimensional conceptual skills;
    • Ability to carry out teamwork;
    • Good in attention to details
    • Ability to liaise well with professionals from other disciplines;
    • Should have an interest in the design and structure of buildings.

6+ years experience

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