Essential: Degree/Diploma in Engineering. 
      Main Purpose of the Job :

      To support the plant in developing management systems to achieve the business objectives and goals, effectively and efficiently through implementation of TQM.

      To prepare the RAK unit to challenge the Deming prize diagnosis in 2018 and Exam by 2019 through demonstration of TQM practices

      Key Accountabilities :

      Training the plant in TQM
      Guiding the plant to ensure that Policy management activities of the plant are carried as per the guidelines of corporate TQM to achieve the organizational objectives and plant/company vision.
      Facilitate the plant to ensure that the Daily management activities of the plant are carried as per the corporate TQM guidelines.
      Drive Problem solving activities and Kaizen of the plant and improve TEI
      Guiding the plant in formation of CFMs and drive CFM activities of the plant to achieve plant objectives/Vision
      Deming Prize activities.( Diagnosis & Exam)
      Preparation of DTQMP for the plant, to pass the document examination of JUSE.
      Prepare the plant for Schedule A and Schedule B exam
      Budgeting for TQM activities
      Review of PM, DM systems and conduct internal TQM diagnosis.
      Preparing Roadmaps, Dashboards/Trackers and MIS of TQM activities.

      Major challenges :

      Changing mindsets and legacy practices
      Aligning the people with different race, culture towards the common objective 
      Aligning existing systems to suit TQM requirements.

      Key Decisions / Recommendations : 

      Deciding TQM Plans and Procedures / Required actions in case of deviations.
      Decisions on TQM Reviews / Unit TQM formation.
      Decisions on TQM training programmes / Composition of TEI forums like QCC, SGA, CFT & Task Force, Benchmarking of TQM Practices, & New Management Systems.

      Key Interactions : 


      Department heads To implement TQM
      Corporate TQM Secretariat- For guidance and instructions on AL TQM practices.
      Reviews by consultants and internal diagnosis
      Corporate functions- For support in CFMs

      External :

      TQM consultants- TQM reviews and trainings
      Trainers- Training programs

    Desirable: Additional Certifications in TQM, Certification in LSS or use of statistical tools, Internal auditor certification

    Total industry experience of 8 yrs. Must have worked in the TQM promotion cell/department for a min. of 3 years. Must have worked in a company which has won the Deming prize or has undergone the Deming Diagnosis or Exam. 

    Experience in Automobile industry is a must.

Recruiter Name:Sampath N
Email Address:

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