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    Chemist / Production Manager

    Look after the Blending of various Lubricants and Grease, Ensure quality of the Base Oil produced, and lubricants is up to the mark. Look after the daily production of the factory for Used Oil refining and Blending of Lubricants & Grease. 
    Should have all the knowledge of a chemist with experience in similar industry of atleast 5 years. Should have experience of 5 years in blending and should be able to formulate the composition of various mixes for Blending the Lubricants from the Base Oil derived from refining the Used Oil.

    Marketing Manager
      Look after the complete marketing of Lubricants, Base Oil, Furnance Oil, and Engine oil additives in Nigeria.
      Must have experience in marketing of lubricants and Oil of atleast 5 years. And should be capable of handling the complete marketing for the company.

    Location of posting: Lagos or Kano, Nigeria
    Email Address:

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