Client Interview on 13th Oct @ Chennai

    Minimum 10 years as Rigger in which at least 3 years working as lead man in Rigging crew 

    Duties and Responsibilities 

    Providing signals to the operators of cranes, boom trucks, fork lifts and trailers Knowledge about signaling

    Attach loads to rigging tackles & equipment as per plan/requirement
    Select gear such as slings, shackles, chokers and winches, according to load weights and sizes
    Control movement of heavy equipment/lifting equipment at site
    Operation of chain pulley block, came along, turn buckle, etc.
    Balancing of uneven load during erection. 
    Erection of structure, Equipment and heavy load by crane and by manual method
    Managing tendon lift
    Managing the Rigging crew
    Inspection of lifting tackles
    Dismantle and store rigging equipment after use. Maintenance of Lifting tackles
    Assembly of crane
    Coordinate and ensure all tasks are completed on time. 
    Follow directions carefully. 
    Comply with regulations and safety requirements. 
    Do any additional tasks that are asked or needed during rigging work.
    Lashing of heavy loads on trucks


    Willingness to comply with safety requirement with a positive attitude. 

    Understand weights of equipment and capacity of Lifting tools and tackles 
    Read lift plans and drawings
    Knowledge of cranes (Lifting equipment) and lifting tools & tackles
    Able to understand and talk English
    Knowledge of capacity of lifting tackles

    Physical Requirements 

    Must be able to stand and/or be on their feet and to work in outdoor weather and/or unregulated temperatures 10-12 hours / day

    Must be able to lift 25kg as needed 
    Must be able to go up and down on ladder, steps, man-basket or other lifts as needed 

    Education and Qualifications 

    Secondary school or above

    Interested candidates can forward cvs to for shortlisting.

    Recruiter Name:GIJO

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