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We provide Precision engineered Mining Rigs and crypto trading floor equipments for Middle East.
We are currently building a middle east's largest mining datacenter and scaling everyday.

    Responsibilities include setting up a cryptocurrency miner. Assembling the rig from provided pieces, downloading linux and the required mining software, monitoring the miners, restarting the miners and fixing any bugs that occur. Must be able to get to and fix a miner that goes down within 24 hours.
    Required experience of dealing with cryptocurrency. Being familiar with how crypto mining works.
    Required skills include learning fast, knowing linux, and being able to solve bugs that occur with mining software and hardware.
    If you have hands on experience with building and operating rigs and working within professional Datacenter environments, kindly Whatsapp your resume at +965 96952257 as well.
    About Us:
Recruiter Name:Ammar Lashkari

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