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Company is USD 25 Billion organization, headquartered in Singapore. It's a Fortune 500 Company.
Department/Product: Wood Products
Congolaise Industrielle des Bois (CIB) is the flagship operation of the Wood Products business of the MNC in Singapore. CIB is a pioneer of Sustainable Forest Management in the Congo Basin. CIB operations are headquartered in Pokola, an urban community of 20,000 inhabitants, 1,000 km north of the capital Brazzaville in the Republic of Congo - the quieter and more peaceful Congo. 
CIB has 2.1 million hectares of forest concessions of which 1.3 million are FSC certified. The balance 0.7 million would be certified by 2018. CIB employs about 1,000 people in the Congo in different locations around its concessions. It harvests about 250,000 cbm of logs of which 15% are exported and the rest (210,000 cbm) are processed at its 4 facilities in Pokola and Loundoungou. The main products are logs, lumber (both air dried and kiln dried), mouldings, flooring, wooden houses and furniture. These are mainly exported to Europe and USA with about 25% sold into China.
CIB has invested US$ 20 million in setting up a cogeneration plant which uses wood waste to generate 4.1 MW of electricity thereby saving about 8,000 liters of fuel per day. The electricity is used for the factories and is also supplied free to employees and the town of Pokola. CIB runs two TV stations and one radio station for the local community and the indigenous (pygmy) people of the area. It runs a state of the art, fully equipped hospital run by an expat doctor and provide free consultation and medication to its employees and the indigenous people. CIB has a water filtration unit which provides 40,000 liters of purified water to the camp and the larger community.
CIB has a turnover of ~100 million Euros and continues to invest in upstream projects like Kiln dryers, finger joinery, lamination etc. The business generates a double digit bottomline and is very valuable to the Wood Products business.

    Only CA/ICWA are required for the role.

    Incumbent will be provided with 15-20 days paid leave & air tickets after every 3 months of service to travel back to India.

    Actively participate in the preparation of the annual budgets, comparison of actual performance against the budget, identifying and analyzing variances, devise and monitor the implementation of necessary actions
    Driving Business performance through analytics on Portfolio management / Category Development Reporting of Financials.
    Responsible for developing standard costing for each product category at the start of the year & managing, analyzing the variances of actual costs during the year 
    Responsible for transfer pricing etc. developing accounting & financial policies, systems controls for new & existing businesses
    Financial reporting - Timely MIS and Financials as per CC date lines and ensuring compliance of statutory date lines
    Legal, Regulatory & Statutory Compliance - ensure compliance with statutory authority and audit requirements 
    Smooth operation of the MIS and computerized accounting system and take necessary actions for systems upgrading to cope with the changing requirements. 
    Development and setting in place of an effective management accounting function within the organization, in order to provide leadership to organizational improvement initiatives. 
    Identify and assess the relevant techniques to be adopted, and supervise and guide the management accounting towards implementation. 
    Efficient management of the treasury function including projection of future cash flows, arranging adequate funds to meet day to day requirements and ensure that the disbursements are within the approved operational cash flows. This includes liaising with banks, monitoring of daily cash balances and submission of cash flow statements. 
    To initiate, review, assess and implement programs to continuously improve the productivity of all processes and systems within the organization and to advise and guide the operational managers in carrying out work flow analysis and other techniques for systems improvement and cost management. 

    Charted accountant with experience of 10-12 years 
    Key strengths would be team management, problem solving, analytics, decision making and value orientation

Recruiter Name:Tulika Verma

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