From a single clinic to a performance-driven healthcare enterprise spread across 316 establishments in 9 countries and growing, Aster DM Healthcare has transitioned into being a growing network across the Middle East, India and Far East.
Currently one of the largest and fastest growing conglomerates in the MENA region, Aster DM Healthcare covers the full spectrum of healthcare services. An expansive portfolio includes hospitals, clinic, Diagnostic centre and retail pharmacies.
Headquartered in Dubai, the Aster DM network now encompasses 19,358 employees, 2183 doctors with several JCI accredited Hospitals, clinics and Diagnostic Centres.
Never content to rest on its laurels, Aster DM Healthcare is constantly seeking opportunities to set new yardsticks with advanced developments. With many more innovative and ambitious initiatives, Aster DM Healthcare has radically catalyzed the healthcare revolution across Middle East, India and Far East.
Each of the Group's verticals is a symbol of distinction, driven by the commitment to build a healthier tomorrow and to take healthcare to the next level of excellence.

    Attending to Walk-in, telephonic, fax, E-mail and postal complaints and suggestions. 
    Visit patients floor wise including staff and staff dependants. 
    Feedback in the form of Daily and periodical reports to GM / MS 
    Assist the patient / patient attender at the time of code Blue paging, Death and Cadaver. 
    Inform HOD of the problems in the OP and IP feedback forms. 
    Fortnightly analyses of complaints are prepared and send to the Management for perusal. 
    Computerization of complaints and inform HOD of pending and brought forward list of problems. 
    Relentless follow-up till achieving patient satisfaction.
    Assisting the patient /attender for his/her need and in psychological recovery while being hospitalised.
    Meeting all ICU patients and attendants. 
    Feedback to the patient's attendants on patient's condition in coordination with Doctors and Nursing.
    Counselling, empathizing with the attendants. 
    Cater to the requirements of the patient's attendants-general, specific. 
    Special care to critically ill patient's attendants.
      Candidate Having Good Communication Skills In English 
      Have A Good Attitude
      Recruiter Name:Mahesh Balakrishnan
      Contact :DM Healthcare

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