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Aircraft Associated Engineer

    1. 1st Lines / 2nd Lines / Back Shop operations and maintenance experience.
    2. Aircraft Maintenance management experience
    3. Experience in component and aircraft structural repairs.
    4. Experience in Intermediate Level Hydraulic / Pneumatic Bench.
      1. Respective (Aerospace / Avionics / Elect & Inst / Armament / General Engg / Mechanical) specialty qualification from renowned institution/organization/OEM 
      2. Air Lines / Air Force experience will be preferred.
      3. Attained Bachelor degree.

      Aircraft Expert

      Aircraft Supervisor

      Aircraft Trademan

        1. Experience on Jet Engine / Rotary Engine intermediate level / second line maintenance.
        2. Experience on test bed operations and maintenance / rectification. Aircraft ground running experience will earn extra benefit.
          3.Proficient in major engine related inspections / maintenance as supervisor and planner.
          4.Experience on aircraft engine and associated equipment electrical / mechanical system diagnosis & maintenance / repair.
          5.NDT / Boroscope specialist/

        Aircraft Technician

        Aircraft Engineer

          Aircraft technicians maintain and repair all types of aircraft, including planes, helicopters, blimps and balloons. Job duties include the diagnosis of electrical and mechanical issues, the replacement of defective and worn parts.
          Age limit :45 years
      5+ years experience
      Mail id :
      Recruiter Name:Arkam Javed / Monika / Neha
      Telephone:7838884629 / 7838883562 / 7838855592 

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