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ABCOM a Singapore company, was incorporated in year 2000. Its early stage growth came as a trading company. The core strength being knowledge of international business, ability to adapt to market conditions and risk management has stayed with the group since then.
ABCOM business focus is raw material for stainless steel industry, procurement & grade / quality reassurance of High Temp Alloys, Nickel Chrome Alloys, Tool Steel, Aerospace alloys, Electronic Scrap & Titanium at its processing facility in Singapore.

    Job Purpose: 

    1. Responsible for storage & processing of High Nickel & Special Alloys Scrap
    2. Expert in segregation of alloys & testing with handheld analyzer.
    3. Responsible for inventory of alloys & update Yard Manager on as & when required basis.

    Existing Duties & Responsibilities:

    1. Recording of incoming high Nickel alloys. If high Nickel alloys are not in demand, then help on the stainless steel/aluminium side.
    2. Working closely in the team to ensure that the yard functions well.

    Required Skills and Specifications: 
    1. Min Diploma in any discipline.
    2. Min. communication skill in simple English.
    3. Min. 2 years employment contract under work permit (without family)

    Prior work experience requirements:

    1. Experience in sorting, QC of Stainless Steel & Hi Ni Alloys Scrap preferred.

    Documents requirements : email to 
    1) Biodata
    2) Photo
    3) Passport copy
    4) Copy of qualification certificates.

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