1. Shall hold a degree in engineering & diploma in industrial safety 

    2. Shall have at least of six (6 ) years of relevant experience in Oil & Gas Industry 

    3. Prepare & implement Health , Safety and Environment (HSE) plan

    4. Conduct safety introduction for all site personnel 

    5. Instruct and motivate all levels of site personnel including sub-contractors on safety awareness and procedures

    6. Prepare job specific hazards list for daily monitoring 

    7. Ensure compliance to work permit requirements and other regulations

    8. Conduct regular safety meetings with all supervisory personnel and prepare/submit to the company the minutes of such meetings

    9. Prepare the required periodic safety reports as required by the company regulations

    10. Maintain a systematic record keeping of all relevant safety matters for review by the company safety representatives 

    11. Good command of English language both written and spoken is required 

    12. Should have valid Kuwait driving licence 

    Preferred location of interview Mumbai and Chennai 
    Client interview will be held in a fortnight 
    CVs to be forwarded for client approval 
    Additional candidates can be lined up for interview 
    Free food will not be provided

Recruiter Name:Ms. Vineeja
Email Address:seagull24@seagullindia.net

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